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Play Duck Hunt Reloaded

Duck Hunt Reloaded

Duck Hunt Reloaded is a remake of the classic hunting game, Duck Hunt. Duck Hunt Reloaded takes the basic concept of the...

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  • Play Bow Killer

    Bow Killer


    The mechanics of Bow Killer is pretty straightforward - you...

  • Play Supreme Deer Hunting

    Supreme Deer Hunting


    Supreme Deer Hunting - the classic game's name says it...

  • Play DuckNCover



    The mechanics of the game is pretty easy. Step 1 -...

  • Play Pheasant Hunting

    Pheasant Hunting


    As the name suggests, this game is all about, well...Pheasant...

  • Play Sniper Hunter 4

    Sniper Hunter 4


    At first glance, I thought the game name - Sniper...

  • Play Duck Hunt Remake

    Duck Hunt Remake


    The mechanics of the game? It's just as simple as...

  • Play Bag A Monster Buck

    Bag A Monster Buck


    Bag A Monster Buck - this is one deer hunting...

  • Play Fisher Girl

    Fisher Girl


    Fisher Girl is an entertaining hunting game that will keep...

  • Play Moby Dick

    Moby Dick


    Literary fans rejoice! There is now a hunting game based...

  • Play Hit the Jackpot

    Hit the Jackpot


    Hit The Jackpot - OK, this is NOT a gambling...

  • Play Dead Tree Defender

    Dead Tree Defender


    Dead Tree Defender is a hunting game where your objective...

  • Play Sniper Hunter 5

    Sniper Hunter 5


    If you are looking for a first person shooter and...

  • Play Bunny Bounty

    Bunny Bounty


    If you are looking for a game that is so...

  • Play Dale and Peakot

    Dale and Peakot


    Dale and Peakot is an entertaining hunting game that challenges...

  • Play Damn Birds

    Damn Birds


    Birds are beautiful and majestic creatures, that is until they...

  • Play Hunt Or Die

    Hunt Or Die


    Hunt Or Die - this hunting game created by Lee...

  • Play Big Bird Hunting

    Big Bird Hunting


    Big Bird Hunting - just reading this hunting game's name,...

Recent Hunting Game Reviews

  • Dead Tree Defender Thumbnail

    Dead Tree Defender is a hunting game where your objective is to defend your treehouse. This defense game features intuitive...

  • Balloon Hunter Thumbnail

    Hunting can be a fun pastime and is an age-old tradition, but some people just don't have the heart to...

  • Damn Birds Thumbnail

    Birds are beautiful and majestic creatures, that is until they poop on your head! In Damn Birds, you play the...

  • Damn Birds 2 Thumbnail

    Those damn birds are back in Damn Birds 2, the sequel to the defense game, Damn Birds (if that sentence...

  • Bird Blast Thumbnail

    Bird Blast is a simple hunting game similar to the classic Nintendo game, Duck Hunt. This shooting game features colorful...

Online Hunting Games

Welcome to Hunting Games! We aim to collect the top free online hunting games here. Hunt virtually and rack up points!

Here at HuntingGamesFree.org, the hunting season is always on! No more waiting for the perfect time of the year. No rules and regulations to mind. Pull out your rifle and fire away! YES, this site has all the hunting games you can handle!

BUT why play hunting games at HuntingGamesFree.org in the first place? Well, there are top 3 TOP reasons why you shouldn't miss the hunting games here in our site

First, while playing these games and hunting down deers, ducks, and everything else in between, you learn hunting etiquette. You don't just have fun capturing those animals. You also learn how to hunt them the RIGHT way...without making them suffer.

Second reason, well, you don't kill anything by playing hunting games on the internet! You can chase down and shoot rabbits, deers, etc. left, right, and center and you don't have to worried that animal activists and authorities might be breathing down your neck.

Third reason, as I have mentioned earlier, at HuntingGamesFree.org, there are no close seasons! The hunting season is always on no matter what time of the year. Right here on the site, we offer a lot of the free online hunting games that drive gamers like you gaga!

From relaxed classic remakes like Duck Hunt Remake, which is pretty much like its console version and elder brother. The primary objective of the game? Score as MUCH as you can by shooting ducks - black or red. If you want to go berserk, you can even shoot down those tree branches for BIGGER and BETTER scores. And don't forget, you are not alone in this. You have your tried and tested hunting dog with you!

To fast paced finger-cramping hunting games like Bunny Bounty where the hungry bunnies have stepped into your territory. It's time to make a stand before they decimate your farm and steal your crops! Mind you, these bunnies are mean and they come in waves so you better get that rifle and fingers ready!

And games where anything goes like Hog Hunter where you can just go ahead and shoot everyone and everything in sight! Do that and you get MORE rewards and more points. It doesn't get more fun and action packed than this!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the free hunting games at HuntingGamesFree.org and have fun!