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Apple Shooter Instructions

The control scheme of Apple Shooter is as straightforward as other hunting games out there. The game is played entirely with the mouse: a couple of clicks to get the game started; click and hold down the left click button to load your bow with an arrow; and release the left click button to fire. That's about everything you need to know about the controls. Now, let's take a closer look at the game.

Apple Shooter Walkthrough

Before we dig into this hunting game, let's talk about William Tell a bit. I'm sure you heard that name before, BUT only as a ringtone in one of your old-school Nokia cell phones. BUT this guy, as I have discovered, is famed for his marksmanship. When he was arrested for defying authorities, a cruel plot was set against him. Tell and his son would be executed, BUT he could redeem their lives by shooting an apple that's on top of the head of his son. Moreover, he only has one attempt.

And guess what, he split the apple with a bold from his bow. A lot of other things happened - starting a rebellion, killing a tyrant that's so FAR away with a single arrow, etc. BUT let's keep our focus on that 'shoot the apple on top of his head' part. That's exactly what this hunting game is all about. Your objective is to shoot off that apple. You may miss the shot , say hit the wall behind your buddy, and you get to try again. BUT, if you hit your buddy accidentally, it's game over!

Created by the same guys who brought us Gun Blood (a personal favorite by the way), you can expect that this game would have the same style of graphics... and, moreover, it's just as bloody as Gun Blood (especially when things go wrong). I have already outlined in the control section how to fire that arrow: click and hold down the left click button for maximum power, tweak the angle and trajectory of your arrow by moving the mouse, release the button and fire. Now, here are some tips you need to keep in mind to make bloody accidents less likely to happen.

When tweaking the angle of your shot, put your mouse cursor as near to the apple as possible. This will help you accurately find and measure the right angle for your arrow. Now, in this arrow / hunting game, you are positioned further away each time you beat a level. That said, you should make your aim higher than in the previous level. Why? Simple - this hunting game has a good physics engine. The gravity and speed affects the trajectory of your arrow... it won't travel in a straight line. Rather, it will travel in an arc. And if your aim isn't high enough, that friend of yours is in for some pain... agonizing pain!

Unlike Gun Blood, this hunting game doesn't have an option for removing the blood and gore. If you are someone who shrieks at the sight of blood, you only have two options: (1) find something else to play, or (2) play it REALLY well... release the arrow only when you are sure it won't hit your buddy. Just how messy could this get? Well, let's say when I accidentally shot my friend's eye, blood spurted out as he walked and tried to get the arrow off. And when he did, he fell to the ground. Also, one other time I missed and the arrow went straight to his forehead, chunks of blood fell off and... Nah, I don't want to continue anymore. If you want to find out, play this bloody BUT ultimately fun hunting game. Will you be able to pull it off a la William Tell? Or will your friend die by your own hands?