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Bag A Monster Buck Instructions

The controls of Bag A Monster Buck is no different from other hunting games. You need to use your mouse and the left click button for the most part. Point your gun's scope to the running whitetail, steady your aim, and fire when you are all set. That's it! Nothing fancy, nothing complicated as far as controls go. Let's take a closer look at the game...

Bag A Monster Buck Walkthrough

Bag A Monster Buck - this is one deer hunting game where hunting is all you need to do. What an apt name huh. The overall goal is very simple - for every level or hunting season, you are tasked to take out a certain number of whitetails. The levels take place on a variety of scenarios (the background is the only thing that changes in this game).

Forest and trees covered with snow, tall grasslands where spotting those whitetails are twice as heard, and those are just to name a few - these are just some of the scenarios your hunting skills will be pitted in.

Playing and getting started with this game is very easy. First off, to take down a whitetail, all you have to do is aim, keep your hands steady, and when you are all set, hit the left click button to fire. If it hits, the whitetail disappears and you get points for it. Keep in mind that your gun needs frequent reloading - it can only have 2 barrels at a single time. To reload, just hit the spacebar button. By the way, you will be notified on the screen when you need to reload.

Press left click to fire and hit the spacebar button to reload - those are the only 2 things you need to keep in mind. Oh! Yes, there is one more - keep both of your eyes wide open... watch out for that monster buck (after all, the game's name is Bag A Monster Buck!). Monster bucks are bigger (which makes them easier to hit) BUT they are twice as fast than your average whitetail. You see, they need 2 shots to be taken down... BUT they bring MORE points, which makes the effort worthwhile.

Tips And Tricks: Well, tips and tricks...hmmm? Not a lot actually. Well, as with most hunting games, being alert to anything that moves is very essential. The same thing can be said with Bag A Monster Buck. Also, keep in mind that you can only have 2 barrels at one time, and that your score is decided by your accuracy. That means you cannot be trigger happy in this game.

The whitetails are easy to spot... so that should help you make every shot count and keep your accuracy percentage high enough. Again, aim, keep your hands steady, then fire. That's about everything you need to do in most deer hunting games like Bag A Monster Buck.