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Balloon Hunter Instructions

Balloon Hunter can be controlled by using either the keyboard or the mouse. When using the keyboard, the arrow keys set the angle of your shot and the spacebar is held to set the power. Release the spacebar to shoot. When using the mouse, the archer will aim his bow towards your mouse cursor. Click and hold the left mouse button to set the power of your shot and release to shoot.

Balloon Hunter Walkthrough

Hunting can be a fun pastime and is an age-old tradition, but some people just don't have the heart to kill cute little animals. If one cannot shoot cute, furry bunnies or blast ducks out of the sky, then what will they hunt? The answer is balloons. Balloon Hunter is a hunting game where you play the role of a bow-armed hunter; just you, your bow and arrows, and the balloons.

Balloon Hunter features two modes of gameplay: Practice Mode and Tournament Mode. Practice mode is excellent practice, as its name suggests. In this mode, you can get used to the game's physics and controls. Try to pop as many balloons as you can with unlimited time and arrows. Once you are ready to enter the big leagues, you can try Tournament Mode. In Tournament Mode, your objective is to pop as many balloons as you can and score as many points as possible. The game ends after you have missed five times.

You can use either the keyboard or the mouse to control Balloon Hunter. Keyboard controls are selected by default, but you can change this in the options menu. Mouse controls make this hunting game much easier to play, so I strongly recommend using the mouse. Keyboard controls may be useful if you are playing on a laptop or notebook computer and do not have access to a real mouse, however.

Timing is crucial if you seek a high score in this hunting game. Allow balloons to float high into the air before shooting them. The higher a balloon is when it is popped, the more points you will be rewarded. In Tournament Mode, try not to take a shot unless you are sure that you will hit a balloon if you do not want to waste your shots, keeping in mind that you can only miss five times before the game ends. Pay close attention to the wind as well since it will have an effect on the flight of balloons as well as that of your arrows.

Balloon Hunter is a superb hunting game for those that do not have the heart to kill simulated animals. Hunting balloons may not put hair on your chest, but it still requires skill!