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Bat Hunter Instructions

The controls for Bat Hunter are fairly simple - just use your mouse's left click button to fire off the bat's head and that is it! Nothing fancy, nothing complicated. Heck! You don't even have to worry about reloading as it is done for you automatically.

Bat Hunter Walkthrough

If you are looking for hunting and first person shooting fun minus the complications, Bat Hunter is one of the games you need to check out. The mechanics of the game are pretty simple. Before playing, just choose a level of difficulty - Easy or Hard. After that, you are off to shooting bats' heads before you know it.

For every round, there is a total of 10 bats for you to shoot. And for every bat, you have 3 tries...3 bullets to use. The less amount of ammunition you use, the higher you score. Not to mention you also get bonuses on the you more time to finish the round and move on to the next level.

The funny thing about Bat Hunter is that if you go for the easy mode, it's really freaking easy! You would see the bats flying in front of the haunted house and taking their time. Heck! You would even see them smiling at you! I'm pretty sure that even a five year old kid can have a perfect score in easy mode...especially in the initial rounds.

HOWEVER, should you go for the Hard mode, be prepared to sweat it out before you can take out a bat! They move ultra enough to dodge your bullets until you run out of ammunition when they can fly to safety. The first time I tried the Hard mode, it was game over for me on the first round and that's coming from someone who was once addicted in first person shooter and hunting games.

I just wish the creators or authors of the game placed a mode in between - a notch or two harder than the easy mode BUT not as difficult as the highest and hardest level. Nevertheless, Bat Hunter is still worth a try if you find yourself bored in your room and you want to shoot bats in a haunted house setting.