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Big Bird Hunting Instructions

Big Bird Hunting - just like other games in the genre, this hunting game is played entirely with the mouse. BUT nah, it's NOT as easy as aim and click. Perhaps a little explanation is needed: (1) First off, move your mouse left and right until you get the position you think is right. (2) Next, you need to load and engage your arrow by clicking on the screen and holding the left click button down. (3) While you are still holding down the left click button, move it left and right until you get the right angle to aim your arrow. (4) And last BUT not the least, drag the mouse towards the bow until it has enough 'oomph' in it and release it to shoot. Anyway, let's have a closer look at the game.

Big Bird Hunting Walkthrough

Big Bird Hunting - just reading this hunting game's name, it should be pretty obvious what you are up to. You need to hunt and shoot down the birds... big birds to be precise. The farther the birds are away, the more points you will bag. You can score anywhere from 1 to 7 points for every bird you take down. Sounds easy? Well, read on!

To make things a tad more challenging, you are given only 30 arrows on every level. That may sound A LOT but really it isn't. After all, your targets are not sitting ducks. These big black birds, whatever they are called, move quite fast so missing is not out of the equation. BUT don't worry. You can get extra arrows by scoring 4 points or more in every shot. For example: score 4 points and you get an extra arrow. Score five points and you get 2 extra arrows. I'm sure you get where I'm driving at. And the arrows are not just useful for taking out those big fowls. At the end of a level, you will get bonus points for extra arrows in your quiver. The more left-over arrows, the MORE bonus points you bag.

Tips And Tricks: (1) The birds' size change. As they get nearer, they look bigger and they get easier to hit. HOWEVER, as I have mentioned before, shooting them from afar will bag you more points. That said, you may want to wait for a certain point where you can shoot them easily while still scoring decently. (2) To get the maximum oomph or power from your arrow and bow, drag your arrow all the way to the bottom of the screen. (4) Oh! By the way, these are not ordinary birds. These guys have shields. If their shield is turned on, which is indicated by that blue barrier surrounding them, do NOT shoot. Your arrow will be deflected... wasted. And you don't want to waste arrows for sure. (5) So you need to cancel an arrow after it has been engaged? No problem. Here's what you should do: pull your mouse away from the bow towards the top of the screen and then release the mouse.