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Bow Killer Instructions

Unlike other hunting games, you don't have to use your mouse to play Bow Killer. Since the game is NOT in the first person mode, you would have to use your keyboard instead. Use the arrow keys for moving your hunter (who looks like Robin Hood) - forward, backward, for looking up and down, etc. On the other hand, use the Space Bar button - press and hold it to adjust the power of your bow and release it to shoot. It shouldn't be that hard really.

Bow Killer Walkthrough

The mechanics of Bow Killer is pretty straightforward - you are given 60 seconds in the clock. And what should you do within the 60 second time limit? Kill as many animals as you can in the forbidden jungle (which looks anything BUT mythical or forbidden). If you are looking for a game with a lot of levels, then you should look somewhere else as Bow Killer only has one. HOWEVER, it's still a good game to keep you busy when your boring class or shift is about to end.

What made the game hard is the fact that you can't use your mouse for moving and shooting, which is what most first person shooter players and hunting game lovers are accustomed to. Along with that, when you use the arrow keys for to move your Robin Hood, it does so sluggishly. Good luck landing arrows on those birds and hawks that are flying around. With enough practice, maybe you can. BUT I haven't yet and I have played this game like 5 times already.

Compared to other hunting games, this is NOT the most exciting one around. It only has one level, you only have sixty seconds, and your character moves like a 60 year old chump that is plagued with arthritis. HOWEVER, Bow Hunter is still a good enough game to keep you busy five minutes before your shift ends.