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Bowman Instructions

As with most stick and bow hunting games, Bowman doesn't come with a complicated control scheme. It's very straightforward and easy to handle. All you have to do is make sure your mouse is in good shape (especially the left click button) and you are good to go. Click and drag to pull back the bow, once you have achieved the angle and power you want, release it to shoot. That's it! Nothing fancy... nothing complicated.

Bowman Walkthrough

If you are on the hunt for stick and bow hunting games, then Bowman is a game that you should check out. Being a stick man game, there are no points for guessing that the graphics and design of this game is very simple - yup, as I always say, nothing fancy... nothing complicated.

The objective of the game is very easy. That is to shoot... or better yet, to kill the bowman on the other side of the screen using your bows. Hit him and he bleeds. BUT remember, the other bowman can and will definitely do the same... so it's important that you land those critical shots. 2 shots somewhere near the chest and he goes down. A bow landed straight into his forehead will send him bleeding to death.

Here's the challenge: you can't see him at the starting part of the your first shot would be more of a guess. With your first shot, you need to gauge how far or near he is from you. The index is a fine way of doing it. If you have the indexed turned on in the settings section, you can see how many meters your bow will travel as well as its angle. If you fail to land a clear hit on your first bow (which is to be expected), at least you have an idea of how far he is and how much adjustments to make.

Now, for those of you who think they are darn good when it comes to taking out people with bows and arrows, you can easily take off the index feature from the settings and play with nothing but intuition and feel. Here's a note: going against the computer without the index is almost suicide. The computer doesn't know things like intuition, it will outcalculate you and will land perfect and critical shots after the first one.

MORE CHALLENGES: Aside from the different game modes that allow you to practice against a board that doesn't retaliate, go up against a computer, or play with fellow bow hunting lovers, you can go to the settings section and check either or both Add Wall and Add Wind.

You can even adjust the vitality of your bowman as well as your opponent's. Vitality means how many shots it will take for either of you to go down. BUT again, keep in mind, when your opponent lands critical shots, that counts more than one and you will go down faster and with lesser shots than it would usually take.