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Bowman 2 Instructions

As for the controls of Bowman 2, nothing at all has changed compared to the original Bowman game. For the most part, well actually for everything, you just need to use your mouse. A couple of clicks to get the game started and use your mouse to aim and shoot that bowman on the other side of the screen. Nothing fancy or complicated as far as controls go.

Bowman 2 Walkthrough

If you are into bow hunting, if you want to master the art of taking out people and birds using a bow and arrow, then Bowman 2 is a game that you should take a closer look into. Oh! By the way, no real people or birds are harmed in making this game. And nah, you won't need a real bow and arrow for this one. Everything is done through your mouse.

Anyway, to get things rolling in the right direction, to shoot down the bowman on the other side of the screen, click anywhere in the game window. HOWEVER, you need to make sure that you have enough space to adjust the angle and the strength of your shot. Move your mouse back down and when you are all set, release it and watch the camera follow your arrow and see if you land a clear shot.

OK, the Bowman 2 settings section: this is something you want to take a closer look at as it comes handy for toning down or increasing the challenge in the game. Show Index - when ticked on, this will show the angle as well as the distance that your arrow will travel. Add Wall and Add Wind - ok, the name says it all. Ticking these 2 on will make the game even more challenging - it will add an impenetratable wall so you need to shoot your arrows beyond that and still land on the target. Also, it will add wind which may aid your arrows get there faster or go against it. Either way the wind goes, you need to make adjustments.

Critical Hit - this is an option which was not present in the previous installment of Bowman. Anyway, ticking this on would add more damage to shots landed on more critical parts of the bowman's body. Land an arrow in his chest or somewhere in his head and down he goes.

Vitality - this one stays the same. You choose how many hits it would take for either of you to go down.