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Bug Hunter Instructions

The controls of Bug Hunter are a little different from other hunting games where you just point, shoot, and click. Instead, you will use your keyboard as much as your mouse. Use the W, A, D, and S button for moving your character around the screen. On the other hand, use your mouse for adjusting your aim and the left click button for firing.

Bug Hunter Walkthrough

As the game's name suggests, you will be playing as the Bug Hunter and it is your duty to eliminate all of the bugs in sight. Do that and you get to move to the next level and gain experience as well as points in the process.

HOWEVER, this is no easy feat as you will be facing swarms of bugs. They will overwhelm you in sheer numbers. BUT don't worry. There are features in the game that will help you survive. First off, you have different kinds of weapons - some fire like lightning, others have low range BUT ridiculously high damage, some have high firing rate, and everything else in between. Along with that, there are also in game power ups that will help you cope up against the army of bugs and defeat them eventually.

Let's take a closer look:


As for the weapons, you have 5 of them. First, the pistol - this is your basic weapon. It has low firing speed or rate. Low ammo coupled with medium damage.

Next to it is the auto rifle. Unlike the previous weapon, this one comes with a high firing rate. It also has high ammunition and medium damage like the pistol.

We also have the sprayer or poison (a dumb name if you'd ask me). This one has high firing rate, high ammunition, BUT low damage. The large area of effect compensates for this however.

This is followed by the Ion Gun. This weapon comes with a low firing rate, low ammunition BUT high damage. Not to mention you can hit multiple targets when the projectile bounces from one target to another.

And last BUT not the least, we have the rail gun. This one has low ammo, low firing speed, BUT high damage like the ion gun. What made this a must have is the fact that it deals damage to all of the bugs in the line of fire.

And of course, let's NOT forget the 4 in game power ups - the bomb that deals high damage, the health bonus that gives +100 hp, the movement speed bonus, and the weapon bonus that increases reload time and firing speed.