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Bugs Hunter Instructions

In Bugs Hunter, you don't enjoy the usual first person perspective where you can just point and click to shoot your targets. Instead, you need to use your arrow keys to adjust your aim and the space bar - press it to load your bow, hold to adjust the strength of your shot, and release it to shoot. This is definitely NOT the easiest way to hunt. BUT in my opinion, this makes the game challenging which would have been extremely boring otherwise.

Bugs Hunter Walkthrough

60 seconds... a minute - that's all you have to play the game and score as high as you can. And what will you hunt? Well, as the game's name suggests, you together with your bow and arrow need to take out as many bugs as you can. And this is no easy feat. As mentioned earlier, in this game, there is no such thing as point, click, and shoot. Your hunter's aim has to be manually adjusted by the arrow keys.

Oh! One more thing that makes the game a little more difficult - your hunter moves sluggishly and the bugs fly up the screen fast...and even faster when they reach higher area of the screen, which makes it all the more harder for you to take them out.

So how do you increase your score in this game? Well, first off, aim and aim well. You get nil...nada...zero for missing a bug. Once you are confident that you can aim and fire your arrows well, work on those double kills when two bugs are lined up. YES, a single BUT perfectly shot arrow can take them out. It gives you (from what I have seen) additional 50 points for double kills. Also, the higher the bugs are in the screen, the higher you score when you take them out. BUT be careful about waiting for them to move to higher places as it will be harder for you to hit them.

If you are looking for a game that will keep you busy for sixty seconds or so, while you are waiting for your favorite music video to load, waiting for your shift to end, etc., Bugs Hunter is one of the games to check out.