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Bunny Bounty Instructions

The controls of Bunny Bounty are easy to understand. Just use your mouse cursor to move your scope, hit the left click button to use your slingshot and shoot, and score. Let me remind you though - this game is anything BUT simple as you will see.

Bunny Bounty Walkthrough

If you are looking for a game that is so action packed that your hands would get cramps for spamming the left click button, then this game - Bunny Bounty absolutely fits the bill. Believe me, I'm not kidding. After a round in Bunny Bounty, my right hand, especially my wrist felt so strained.

So what's with Bunny Bounty?

Alright here's the story: hungry bunnies have stepped into your territory. They have invaded your farm. And guess what - they are not there to rest or unwind. These bunnies are out to steal your crops...the precious fruits of your farming labor. You need to take action.

What should you do?

Knock them down using your slingshot. Aim with your mouse and fire with your left click button. Sounds easy heh? BUT you will realize that this game is anything BUT easy when bunnies of all color, shapes, and sizes start to attack your precious farm in legions!

Anyway, back to the game mechanics, you will earn bounty points for every bunny your knock down. Also, to help get to the upper echelons of the score board, knock out bunnies of the same color in succession. That would earn you extra points. To move on to the next level, just keep your crops safe, reach the target bounty, and that's it.

To help you in your aim, you will see that mole come out of the ground with a treasure chest. Shoot it and your slingshot will get extra buffs and effects.

Oh! One more thing - there are special bunnies in the field. Some look like Vikings (and man, these guys are tough), others dress like ninjas and move like ninjas (they teleport from one spot to another...with your crops!). There are cyborg bunnies as well that can take a beating. Bottom line - these special bunnies are dangerous and they won't go down easily. Deal with them right away!