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Play Pheasant Hunting

#1: Pheasant Hunting


As the name suggests, this game is all about, well...Pheasant Hunting! Bring out your shotgun and kill as many pheasants as you can for you to advance to the next level. All you have to do is move your mouse...

Number of plays: 358,215

Play DuckNCover

#2: DuckNCover


The mechanics of the game is pretty easy. Step 1 - Move your mouse over the ducks or eggs to shoot. YES, you have read that right. You don't even have to click to blast those ducks and eggs. Just make...

Number of plays: 304,527

Play Bow Killer

#3: Bow Killer


The mechanics of Bow Killer is pretty straightforward - you are given 60 seconds in the clock. And what should you do within the 60 second time limit? Kill as many animals as you can in the forbidden jungle (which...

Number of plays: 180,683

Play Duck Hunt Remake 2

#4: Duck Hunt Remake 2


So you thought the duck hunting season was over after Duck Hunt - a classic of NES faded into obscurity? Well, think again as here comes the Duck Hunt Remake 2 - opening the duck hunting rampage once more! Serving...

Number of plays: 83,421

Play Crack Shot

#5: Crack Shot


Crack Shot is an excellent hunting game that will challenge you to find the best way to take out all of your targets as quickly as possible in a wide variety of scenarios. This definitely isn't your average hunting game....

Number of plays: 78,425

Play Desert Hunter

#6: Desert Hunter


The Sahara Desert awaits in Desert Hunter; an excellent shooting game that challenges you to shoot all of the nasty little creatures that populate the desert as you can before you run out of time. There are vultures, scorpions, and...

Number of plays: 59,891

Play Huntsman

#7: Huntsman


Huntsman - alright we are not talking about the American politician, businessman, diplomat, and 16th Governor of Utah Jon Huntsman, Jr. I'm talking about something more exciting. The 'other' huntsman... the one who uses his tried and tested rifle with...

Number of plays: 48,095

Play Duck Hunt Reloaded

#8: Duck Hunt Reloaded


Duck Hunt Reloaded is a remake of the classic hunting game, Duck Hunt. Duck Hunt Reloaded takes the basic concept of the original game and adds humor, achievements, and lots of gore! Like the original Duck Hunt, the objective of Duck...

Number of plays: 40,081

Play Bat Hunter

#9: Bat Hunter


If you are looking for hunting and first person shooting fun minus the complications, Bat Hunter is one of the games you need to check out. The mechanics of the game are pretty simple. Before playing, just choose a level...

Number of plays: 38,250

Play Duck Hunt Original

#10: Duck Hunt Original


Duck Hunt Original - well, as the name suggests, this is the original hunting game that we all came to love when we were all young and innocent. There's one minor change though: Game mode C is nowhere to be...

Number of plays: 26,813

Play Big Bird Hunting

#11: Big Bird Hunting


Big Bird Hunting - just reading this hunting game's name, it should be pretty obvious what you are up to. You need to hunt and shoot down the birds... big birds to be precise. The farther the birds are away,...

Number of plays: 25,941

Play The Hunter

#12: The Hunter


Imagine this: a horde... or better yet a plague of unidentified parrots are wreaking the Fission City. With these parrots creating havoc and chaos by growing in numbers rapidly and reaching a population that is enough to cover the whole...

Number of plays: 23,990

Play DoDo Hunt

#13: DoDo Hunt


For those of you who don't know what a Dodo is, here's a little trivia: this fowl that is scientifically known as "Raphus cucullatus" was a flightless bird that grazed the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. These birds are related...

Number of plays: 20,342

Play Turkey Shooting

#14: Turkey Shooting


Turkeys - we all know this large poultry bird. Whether we are talking about domesticated or wild turkeys, they all look the same - they are four times the size of your average rooster and have tail-feathers like that of...

Number of plays: 18,317

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