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Play Bow Hunter

#1: Bow Hunter


Bow Hunter is a fairly basic, but incredibly challenging bow hunting game in which you are given five arrows and challenged to make them count. Once you run out of arrows your game is over. For those familiar with bow...

Number of plays: 335,441

Play Bow Killer

#2: Bow Killer


The mechanics of Bow Killer is pretty straightforward - you are given 60 seconds in the clock. And what should you do within the 60 second time limit? Kill as many animals as you can in the forbidden jungle (which...

Number of plays: 181,050

Play Bugs Hunter

#3: Bugs Hunter


60 seconds... a minute - that's all you have to play the game and score as high as you can. And what will you hunt? Well, as the game's name suggests, you together with your bow and arrow need to...

Number of plays: 110,261

Play Little Indian Warrior

#4: Little Indian Warrior


If you love hunting games that have missions and a touch of RPG and strategy games sprinkled on it, then Little Indian Warrior is yours for the taking. In this game, you will be playing as a young Indian who...

Number of plays: 72,874

Play Hunt Or Die

#5: Hunt Or Die


Hunt Or Die - this hunting game created by Lee Grey and Simon Armstrong will surely appeal to A LOT of players, especially to grown up guys who grew up with pixel art games. This hunting game combines that and...

Number of plays: 40,850

Play Hit the Jackpot

#6: Hit the Jackpot


Hit The Jackpot - OK, this is NOT a gambling game. This isn't about poker or any game based on sheer luck. This is a hunting game built from the ground up to test your online archery skills. The jackpot...

Number of plays: 39,813

Play Bowman

#7: Bowman


If you are on the hunt for stick and bow hunting games, then Bowman is a game that you should check out. Being a stick man game, there are no points for guessing that the graphics and design of this...

Number of plays: 39,185

Play Bowman 2

#8: Bowman 2


If you are into bow hunting, if you want to master the art of taking out people and birds using a bow and arrow, then Bowman 2 is a game that you should take a closer look into. Oh!...

Number of plays: 37,149

Play Apple Shooter

#9: Apple Shooter


Before we dig into this hunting game, let's talk about William Tell a bit. I'm sure you heard that name before, BUT only as a ringtone in one of your old-school Nokia cell phones. BUT this guy, as I have...

Number of plays: 33,066

Play Skull Hunter

#10: Skull Hunter


With physics-based games like Angry Birds getting really popular - invading PC gaming, iPhone, iPad, and almost any platform that allows gaming, it's really no surprise that we see MORE and MORE hunting games today that are patterned from it....

Number of plays: 27,961

Play Little Indian Warrior: Remix

#11: Little Indian Warrior: Remix


Little Indian Warrior: Remix - nah, this isn't some song by Usher or any R&B artist that got remixed. It's a hunting game - a sequel of Little Indian Warrior. You will be playing as a... well, little Indian warrior!...

Number of plays: 26,544

Play Balloon Hunter

#12: Balloon Hunter


Hunting can be a fun pastime and is an age-old tradition, but some people just don't have the heart to kill cute little animals. If one cannot shoot cute, furry bunnies or blast ducks out of the sky, then what...

Number of plays: 26,518

Play Big Bird Hunting

#13: Big Bird Hunting


Big Bird Hunting - just reading this hunting game's name, it should be pretty obvious what you are up to. You need to hunt and shoot down the birds... big birds to be precise. The farther the birds are away,...

Number of plays: 26,247

Play Dead Tree Defender

#14: Dead Tree Defender


Dead Tree Defender is a hunting game where your objective is to defend your treehouse. This defense game features intuitive controls, minimal audio, and detailed, although tiny, graphics. Before you begin playing Dead Tree Defender, it may be a good idea...

Number of plays: 24,709

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