Deer Hunting Games

In the mood for some deer hunting, but can't go out to hunting grounds at the moment? Try out the deer hunting games below and keep your aim and reflexes sharp.

Hunt elk and whitetail deer using a variety of tools like bows, shotguns, and rifles in these free-to-play deer hunting games. You can hunt virtual deer any season.

Top Deer Hunting Games

Play Bow Hunter

#1: Bow Hunter


Bow Hunter is a fairly basic, but incredibly challenging bow hunting game in which you are given five arrows and challenged to make them count. Once you run out of arrows your game is over. For those familiar with bow...

Number of plays: 334,981

Play Supreme Deer Hunting

#2: Supreme Deer Hunting


Supreme Deer Hunting - the classic game's name says it all. This is one of those hunting games that is all about shooting down those deer passerbys. If you are looking for deer hunting games that will challenge your online...

Number of plays: 304,761

Play Bag A Monster Buck

#3: Bag A Monster Buck


Bag A Monster Buck - this is one deer hunting game where hunting is all you need to do. What an apt name huh. The overall goal is very simple - for every level or hunting season, you are tasked...

Number of plays: 287,485

Play Huntsman

#4: Huntsman


Huntsman - alright we are not talking about the American politician, businessman, diplomat, and 16th Governor of Utah Jon Huntsman, Jr. I'm talking about something more exciting. The 'other' huntsman... the one who uses his tried and tested rifle with...

Number of plays: 48,022

Play Hunt Or Die

#5: Hunt Or Die


Hunt Or Die - this hunting game created by Lee Grey and Simon Armstrong will surely appeal to A LOT of players, especially to grown up guys who grew up with pixel art games. This hunting game combines that and...

Number of plays: 40,456

Play Fawn Hunter 3000

#6: Fawn Hunter 3000


There are 2 types of hunting games. On the first category, we have hunting games that are realistic and interactive. These games are filled with twists and turns, and they are built from top to bottom to bring the thrill...

Number of plays: 28,234

Play Deer Hunt

#7: Deer Hunt


Whether you don't know how to hunt deer; you know how and hunt for survival or game, this is one of those hunting games that will surely drive you nuts. The objective of the game is as straightforward and as...

Number of plays: 26,328

Play Hunting With Palin

#8: Hunting With Palin


Sarah Louise Palin - born in February 11, 1964. She is an American politician, commentator, and author - a woman with A LOT of talent indeed. Being the Vice President Nominee of the Republican Party back in the 2008 presidential...

Number of plays: 21,722

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