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Play DuckNCover

#1: DuckNCover


The mechanics of the game is pretty easy. Step 1 - Move your mouse over the ducks or eggs to shoot. YES, you have read that right. You don't even have to click to blast those ducks and eggs. Just make...

Number of plays: 304,857

Play Duck Hunt Remake

#2: Duck Hunt Remake


The mechanics of the game? It's just as simple as the controls. The primary objective of the game: hit the ducks. There are 2 types or species of ducks that you can hit and earn points with - those that...

Number of plays: 248,708

Play Duck Hunt Remake 2

#3: Duck Hunt Remake 2


So you thought the duck hunting season was over after Duck Hunt - a classic of NES faded into obscurity? Well, think again as here comes the Duck Hunt Remake 2 - opening the duck hunting rampage once more! Serving...

Number of plays: 83,751

Play Crack Shot

#4: Crack Shot


Crack Shot is an excellent hunting game that will challenge you to find the best way to take out all of your targets as quickly as possible in a wide variety of scenarios. This definitely isn't your average hunting game....

Number of plays: 78,514

Play DuckHunt

#5: DuckHunt


So you are missing the vintage NES game - Duck Hunt? Yeah? If that's the case, then you will love this online flash video game. This is a remake of the Duck Hunt game that kids loved (including me...when I...

Number of plays: 46,878

Play Duck Hunt Reloaded

#6: Duck Hunt Reloaded


Duck Hunt Reloaded is a remake of the classic hunting game, Duck Hunt. Duck Hunt Reloaded takes the basic concept of the original game and adds humor, achievements, and lots of gore! Like the original Duck Hunt, the objective of Duck...

Number of plays: 40,460

Play Duck Hunt Original

#7: Duck Hunt Original


Duck Hunt Original - well, as the name suggests, this is the original hunting game that we all came to love when we were all young and innocent. There's one minor change though: Game mode C is nowhere to be...

Number of plays: 26,899

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