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Dale and Peakot Instructions

Move left using 'a'. Move right using 'd'. Jump using 'w'. Shoot using 'space'. Reload using 'r'. Move Peakot using the mouse and left left mouse button. Use Peakot to release energy by double clicking with the left mouse button.

Dale and Peakot Walkthrough

Dale and Peakot is an entertaining hunting game that challenges you to help Dale get his chicken back from the nasty coyotes that have taken them. That isn't always an easy goal to accomplish, but thanks to the fun graphics and entertaining format, it is always a lot of fun to try. The story behind the game is interesting as well and adds a dimension of fun and intrigue that's missing from most of the hunting games online. Basically, Dale is a hardworking farmer in tranquil Farmina. He has a lot of chickens too look after, but thankfully, Dale has help from his magic hen named Peakot. Everything is great until one night their chicken coop is raided by coyotes. Despite their best efforts to stop the pillaging, they could not save their chickens. All hope was not lost though. One of the chickens left behind a magic feather that connected Dale to Peakot, allowing him to control Peakot with nothing more than the wave of his hand. Armed with this new power, he set off with Peakot to get his chickens back. Your job is to help him accomplish that goal.

Aside from an entertaining story that will draw you into the game Dale and Peakot also offers truly challenging levels, excellent graphics and a fun premise you won't get with most of the other hunting games online. In truth, this game is really more of an action game than it is a hunting game, but there are definitely enough elements of both genres that fans of either will be able to enjoy it. That may be perhaps the biggest benefit of the game. It really offers something for everyone. Even if the controls are a bit complicated for a newcomer to pick up, the introductory level tells you everything you need to know to be able to navigate through the game while also giving you the chance to try out the controls and get used to how you'll need to use them to accomplish certain goal. For example, to turn some switches on or off, you'll need to use Peakot's energy blasts. The same can be said for some enemies. You can stun enemies and even remove armor from some of the enemies by using Peakot's energy blasts. Sometimes the need to use Peakot's blasts will be obvious. Other times, it won't be as clear. Look at the situation you're in and try to figure out if there's a way you can use Peakot to your advantage.

Dale and Peakot starts off fairly easy with the objectives clearly laid out and the goals fairly easy to reach, but as you progress in the game, things get much more difficult. You'll need to think more carefully about your moves. There will be parts that will stump newcomers to this type of hunting game as early as the second level. This is a game that will require you to think at some points rather than just a game that asks you to move mindlessly from one point to another. Sometimes the path ahead isn't clear and you'll need to use levers or buttons to open new platforms to jump from. Even this can be complicated as sometimes you'll be able to do it on your own and other times you'll need Peakot to do it for you. As you play, though, you'll gain experience. The more experience you have, the easier it will be for you to figure out what needs to be done in any given situation.

When you're trying to complete some of the more difficult parts of Dale and Peakot, timing is extremely important. If you're at a part in the game in which you need to hit a button to pull out a platform, you need to remember that sometimes, the platform will go away if you step off of the button. In these cases, there is often another button or level somewhere on the screen you need to use Peakot to activate. The button you're standing on may only lower a door that will allow access to a lever that will pull out a platform. If that's the case, the button needs to be pressed, the lever needs to be activated and you need to jump on the platform and it all needs to happen quickly. If you are off by even a few seconds, you'll have to try again. This can get a bit frustrating if you find yourself stuck, but stick with it. There isn't a single level in this game that can't be beaten, so have patience and keep trying. You will get the hang of it eventually.

Overall, Dale and Peakot is an excellent hunting game that offers a little something for every fan of hunting games regardless of their skill or experience level. It breaks free of the more traditional hunting game format, sticking to a more action game based premise, but stays close enough to tradition to please fans of the genre. The story you get with the game is an excellent addition and gives the game a little added intrigue that makes it even more entertaining. The only thing you really need to keep in mind to do well in this game is that you need to use Peakot to her fullest potential. Look at every situation you're in and try to figure out whether or not Peakot can be used to make things easier. Thinking will get you everywhere in this game. While the controls can be a bit complex for the newcomer, with time, they'll be able to get the hang of them if they stick with it. If you consider yourself a fan of action games, hunting games or strategy games, this is one you need to check out.