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Damn Birds Instructions

Damn Birds is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Aim and shoot by using the mouse. Reload your current weapon by pressing the R key. Select weapons by using the number keys (1-5). The P key pauses the game.

Damn Birds Walkthrough

Birds are beautiful and majestic creatures, that is until they poop on your head! In Damn Birds, you play the role of a park statue that is tired of being used as an avian toilet. This hunting game features impressive graphics, simple controls, and addictive gameplay!

The objective of Damn Birds is to shoot birds before they can relieve themselves on your head. Each time a bird soils you, the bar on the left side of the screen fills. When the bar is completely full, the game will end. You must avoid being covered in bird poo until the level's time limit is exhausted, indicated by a circle in the upper-left corner of the screen that fills as time passes. Unfortunately, your progress is not saved in this hunting game, so you will have to start from scratch each time that you play.

After each level of Damn Birds, you will be able to purchase upgrades and clean off the bird poo. I advise cleaning your statue completely before entering the next level in order to have a better chance of survival. Try to buy the pump gun as soon as possible, since it has a higher magazine capacity and decent rate of fire compared to the musket and double-barreled shotgun. It is still a good idea to stock up on ammunition for your lower-tier weapons, as they make good, cheap backups. You may also want to invest in anti-poo armor. Armor will allow you to take some hits without getting dirty, but it is very expensive, thus it is better to invest in weapons in this hunting game.

Although Damn Birds is similar in some ways to hunting games like Duck Hunt, it is important to remember that it is more of a defense game. Unlike Duck Hunt, you are shooting birds from a third-person perspective rather than first-person. Your bullets travel from the end of the statue's gun, so you might not be able to hit birds right under your crosshair. Projectiles take time to travel as well, so you will have to be sure to lead your targets. This will take some getting used to, but with enough practice, you will get the hang of it.

Damn Birds is a fun hybrid of hunting game and defense game. You might not be able to install an anti-bird turret without getting into trouble with the law (and PETA), but you can get some virtual retribution with this shooting game!