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Damn Birds 2 Instructions

Damn Birds 2 is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Aim and shoot by using the mouse. Reload your current weapon by pressing the R key. Select weapons by using the number keys (1-9). The P key pauses the game.

Damn Birds 2 Walkthrough

Those damn birds are back in Damn Birds 2, the sequel to the defense game, Damn Birds (if that sentence reminded anyone of the dam scene from Vegas Vacation, my apologies). Damn Birds 2 retains the basic gameplay of its predecessor but features improved graphics and a larger arsenal.

If you are familiar with the first Damn Birds, then picking up Damn Birds 2 will be a cinch. The general concept is the same: shoot birds before they can poop on you, and survive until time runs out! Once again, your progress is not saved, so you will have to play from the beginning each time that you load up this hunting game.

Damn Birds 2 features upgrades just like its forerunner. After each level, you will be able to clean your statue, purchase armor, or buy weapons. Armor is even more expensive in this hunting game than it was in its predecessor, so it is a better idea to invest in weapons than defense. Speaking of weapons, there are a lot more of them this time! Try to upgrade your weapon as soon as possible, and be sure to buy plenty of ammo. Finally, it is a good idea to enter each level with a clean statue, so clean off the bird mess before advancing to the next stage!

The same general tactics that applied in the first Damn Birds also apply in Damn Birds 2. Your bullets emerge from the tip of the statue's gun and take time to travel to their intended targets, so you will have to lead your target carefully. However, unlike its predecessor, different weapons have different barrel lengths in this hunting game. The physics of longer-barreled weapons being more accurate are not simulated, but a shorter-barreled weapon will shoot projectiles from closer to your statue than a longer-barreled weapon would, allowing you to hit birds at closer-range.

Damn Birds 2 is a damn fine sequel to the first Damn Birds. Lock and load to teach those birds who's boss in this impressive hunting game!