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Dead Tree Defender Instructions

Dead Tree Defender is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Aim and shoot your bow by using the mouse. Move your character by using the arrow keys.

Dead Tree Defender Walkthrough

Dead Tree Defender is a hunting game where your objective is to defend your treehouse. This defense game features intuitive controls, minimal audio, and detailed, although tiny, graphics.

Before you begin playing Dead Tree Defender, it may be a good idea to set the game's difficulty in the options menu. On higher difficulty levels, you will start from the middle of the game and will have to contend with more enemies and more obstacles to block your fire. The default difficulty level is easy, but veteran players or those that have beaten the first levels of the game in a previous session may want to start on a higher level of difficulty. Since this hunting game does not save your progress, choosing a higher difficulty level is a good way to start from a level close to the one that you left off on without having to play from the very beginning.

Dead Tree Defender uses a combination of mouse and keyboard controls. Your character will aim his bow towards your mouse cursor. Click and hold the left mouse button to load an arrow and power your shot. Release the mouse button to shoot. Movement of your character is controlled by the arrow keys. The left and right arrow keys move your character in the respective direction and the up and down arrow keys are used to jump and to crouch respectively. The up and down arrow keys are also used to climb up and down ladders, potentially giving you a clearer shot at your enemies.

Although Dead Tree Defender is classified as a hunting game, it is best not to venture too far from the safety of your fortress to engage your enemies. Instead, play it as a defense game. You are less-likely to get hit from the safety of the fort and your AI-controlled allies can help provide cover fire. Bombarding your enemies with a hail of arrows is a tactic that works well, especially on the initial levels of the game where your enemies have few places to hide.

Dead Tree Defender is a defense game that is simple to understand while still providing a challenge. Man the defenses and drive your enemies back in Dead Tree Defender!