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Deer Hunt Instructions

The control scheme of Deer Hunt is as straight forward as it could get. Just like other hunting games, Deer Hunt is played entirely with the mouse: move your mouse to move your rifle's scope; hit the left click button to fire; and THAT'S IT! As long as you know how to point and click, you're good to go. Onto the game!

Deer Hunt Walkthrough

Whether you don't know how to hunt deer; you know how and hunt for survival or game, this is one of those hunting games that will surely drive you nuts. The objective of the game is as straightforward and as easy as it could get: take out as many deer as you can with your rifle. Score HIGH and post it in the scoreboard. There is only one level in Deer Hunt and, with that, you may think that this game could easily get boring.

My short answer: NO. This hunting game is NUTS! This is not your traditional deer hunting game. If you think you can easily take out all of those furred and horned passer-bys, you are mistaken sir. This is way harder than your average deer hunting game, and I'd dare say that it's harder than the real thing!

In Deer Hunt, you are in a stationary position together with your tried and tested buddy - the rifle. No, you cannot chase deer deep into the forest. You cannot change locations to get a better view. The animated deer will run horizontally across the screen. And you need to sink in a bullet or two to take them out. Here's why it's hard: they run like they are on steroids! These suckers are really fast! And to make things even harder, you only have one minute to kill as many deer as you can.

HOWEVER, that is not to say that your chances of having a high score are non-existent. Nah, if there's a will. There's a way. And I happen to stumble upon a not-so-sophisticated BUT quite effective strategy. It's called 'spam that left click button and just go berserk' strategy. As I have told you, there's nothing advanced or sly about this strategy, BUT in this hunting game, it WORKS!

"OK, let's play this hunting game like a real pro. Fire only when the target appears." That's what I was thinking when I started out. BUT after 20 seconds of not hitting anything, that quickly changed to: "The deer are nuts. Fire non-stop!" And my first run on this hunting game gave a score of 520. Not bad considering that I spent the first 20 seconds hitting nothing.

Here's another trick that I do: you see, the deer, even if they are really fast, just run through the same direction and appear on the same spot time and time again. Some of them would cross from the right all the way to the left and vice versa. A deer, who, I assume, is the troll master of the deer, would appear on the lower right corner behind the bush... ONLY to disappear into safety just when you're about to pull the trigger. Bottom line: after playing the game a couple of times, you should have a good idea of where your targets are running, and that would help you take out more deer.

Oh! And one more thing: your bullets run through the bushes in this hunting game. If a deer runs for safety behind the tall grasses and trees, fire through it. Sometimes it will hit, sometimes not. BUT more often than not, it will. You will know you landed a bullet when your score increases.

Anyway, I guess that's about everything you need to know about this hunting game. Time to take out those deer on steroids!