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Desert Hunter Instructions

Aim your weapon using the mouse. Fire your weapon using the left mouse button. Reload your weapon using 'space'. Scroll using the mouse.

Desert Hunter Walkthrough

The Sahara Desert awaits in Desert Hunter; an excellent shooting game that challenges you to shoot all of the nasty little creatures that populate the desert as you can before you run out of time. There are vultures, scorpions, and wolves you can take out - each of which offers its own bonuses. The vultures come in four different sizes. The two biggest vultures offer ten points for each kill, while the next size down offers twenty points. The smallest of all the vultures offers thirty points for every kill. The real points come with killing scorpions though as each scorpion kill will give you one hundred points. Wolves are a bit of a different story. Wolves don't really offer much in the way of points. Instead, you are rewarded with five extra seconds of game play for every wolf you kill. They're hard to get, though. Wolves don't appear very often and you have to kill them the moment you see them. Not easy, to say the least, but well worth the effort.

Desert Hunter also offers you a bonus bar that you fill a little more with every consecutive hit. If you can fill your bonus bar, you will be rewarded with an excellent point bonus. The bar begins to fill up as soon as you make your first hit. Each hit you make after that will add to the bar a little more. Be careful though. If you miss a shot, the bar will empty and you'll have to start over. This game is all about the high score - earning as many points as you possibly can in the time allowed. For that reason, filling the bonus bar is fairly important. That bonus will go a long way toward helping you achieve the high score you want. The bonus bar is shown at the bottom left of the game screen, right above another important piece of information you need to keep an eye on if you want a high score - your ammo. As with most hunting games, you only have a limited number of bullets in your clip but unlike most hunting games, your weapon does not automatically reload. Keep an eye on how much ammo you have left. The moment you run out of ammo, reload. If you try to take a shot after you've run out of ammo, the animal will not only get away, but the shot will also count as a missed shot and your bonus bar will reset.

The best way to do well in Desert Hunter is to pay attention to your ammo and aim carefully. While scorpions give you a great points bonus, if you're shooting skills aren't really up to par, trying for the scorpions is only going to waste ammo and prevent you from getting your bonus from the bonus bar. Focus on the birds and, if you can, the wolves. The best way to hit the wolves is to focus your cross hairs in front of the wolf as it is running and wait for it to reach the spot where you are aiming. Fire the moment the front of the wolf hits your cross hairs and you'll hit it every time. While it takes a moment or two longer to do, the five second bonus you get is worth it. Aside from that, focus on carefully aiming at the vultures. Don't worry if you miss a few while you're aiming. Taking a few moments to get a good shot will help you get your bonus bar filled which will reward you with far more points than you would've gotten if you hit the birds you missed.

Overall, Desert Hunter is one of the best hunting games online because it is challenging and fun without being overly complex. The controls are extremely simple to use and the variety of targets ensures anyone - regardless of skill or experience level - will be able to enjoy the game. Newcomers can focus on birds and the occasional wolf while more experienced players with more developed shooting skills can go for the scorpions as well. The clarity of the information display is one of the biggest benefits the game offers. You are shown the information you need without a lot of extras that would only serve as a distraction. You have your time and score in the upper right side of the screen while your bonus bar and ammo is displayed on the lower left side of the screen. If you consider yourself a fan of hunting games and are looking for a new one to get addicted to, this is definitely a game you need to play.