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DoDo Hunt Instructions

Just like other shooting and hunting games, Dodo Hunt is played entirely with the mouse. As long as you know how to point and click, you are good to go: (1) aim for that fast moving dodo by moving your mouse (which also moves your rifle's scope), (2) hit the left click button to fire, and rinse and repeat the whole process until you beat the level. That's everything you need to know as far as the controls go. Now, let's have a closer look at the game.

DoDo Hunt Walkthrough

For those of you who don't know what a Dodo is, here's a little trivia: this fowl that is scientifically known as "Raphus cucullatus" was a flightless bird that grazed the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. These birds are related to pigeons and doves BUT they are way bigger than their high flying cousins. They stood about 3.3 feet tall (about a meter) and they weigh about 20 kilograms (that's about 44 pounds). That explains why they are not able to fly. They are too big for their wings. Anyway, these birds that feed on fruit and nest on the ground have been extinct since the 'mid to late' 17th century. Usually, their physical make up is used as an archetype of an extinct species since they got extinct during recorded human history. And the sad part is that these guys are wiped out from the face of the earth most likely because of human activity.

OK, that said, being associated with a dodo isn't a good thing. When somebody tells you that you will soon be 'dead as a dodo', run for the hills. That guy wants you NOT just dead... but unquestionably dead. So somebody told you your fashion sense 'goes the way of the dodo'? Whoa! Perhaps it's time to check you in the mirror. That means your fashion sense is obsolete and a thing of the past. Anyway, trivia's over and now onto the game: Dodo Hunt. Apparently, humans missed shooting down these poor birds and they even created a flash game to relive the "fun and adventure". As the name suggests, this hunting game is all about shooting down those dodos. It's a hunting game that has a very simple and easy to understand objective BUT don't let that fool you. You need to have good eye and hand coordination if you want to reach the top of the charts. The game comes with 4 difficulties: on the first level, you only need to shoot one dodo. The number of dodos you need to shoot down increases with the difficulty level. The insane and fourth level challenges you to shoot 5 dodo birds!

Your ammunition is very limited - you only have 5 bullets for every level / stage. That means you only have one shot for each dodo in the insane difficult level. That said, if you are not that good in shooting or hunting games, I would recommend that you steer clear from this level as it only has nothing in store for you but frustration. On the other hand, if your aim is so good you can shoot down dodos without missing a beat, you will earn a score multiplier. The HIGHER your multiplier gets, the FASTER you rack up points. Missing a dodo, while somewhat inevitable, is something you should avoid like plague. For every dodo you miss, you will get an X. And when you get 6 Xs, it's all over. You have to start from square one. BUT don't worry: if you scored high enough, you get to enter your name and you get to see how you stack up against other dodo hunters.

Oh! One very important reminder: the dodos in this game have evolved. Nah, they are no longer the flightless bird that humans hunted down to extinction. In Dodo Hunt, these birdies can fly... and they fly fast! You need to keep not an eye, BUT two eyes on your target dodo. These things will change direction so sudden that it's easy to miss them if you are not paying attention. To make things a notch easier, here's a tip: the dodos love going behind the clouds and other obstacles. If you can shoot them down before they take refuge behind these obstacles, that would be so much better.

One last thing: if you are using a computer that's a dinosaur and if the game isn't running as smooth as you want it to, no biggie. You can always change the quality settings. All you need to do is press the Q on the upper left corner, or just press the Q on your keyboard to make matter simpler. I guess that's about everything. Happy Dodo Hunting!