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Duck Hunt Original Instructions

Who could forget the good old days? Duck Hunt, one of the most popular hunting games is back. This time, though, instead of using a toy gun from Nintendo to play the game, you need to use your mouse for just about everything. A couple of clicks to get the game rolling and to choose the right game mode, point and click to shoot down those ducks, and have fun! Let's take a closer look...

Duck Hunt Original Walkthrough

Duck Hunt Original - well, as the name suggests, this is the original hunting game that we all came to love when we were all young and innocent. There's one minor change though: Game mode C is nowhere to be found. Game C, by the way, is where you shoot down clay pigeons shot from the first person perspective.

Anyway, that didn't take away the fun factor as the 2 original game modes (and a new one) is here to make sure you get all the duck hunting fun you can handle...

Game A: In Game Mode A, your dog scares up a duck for you to take out. You are given 3 bullets for every round. Mind you, you only have a couple of seconds to get the job done before the duck flies away. You have 10 sessions of one duck per level and you need to take out a certain amount of ducks to move on to the next level. Shooting down all of the 10 ducks in a level gives you the perfect bonus.

As you advance to latter levels, the ducks start to fly faster making them harder to shoot. YES, you can get as far as level 99 if you have the patience. After that though, you will reach Level 0. This is a kill stage, which means there's no way you can win it (at least no human can). Anyway, in this kill stage, the duck flies rapidly and erratically and it will leave the screen instantly.

If you are just starting out with hunting games, or if your shooting reflexes are not as good when using the mouse, Game A of Duck Hunt is the perfect starting point.

Game B: This one is very similar with Game A. The only difference is that your dog scares out 2 ducks out of te grass and you need to shoot them both. This makes it twice as difficult as the first game mode. Again, you only have 3 bullets at your disposal and you have the same time limit. HOWEVER, with only 5 2-duck sessions each level, the play in this game mode is slightly faster than the first one.

Just like Game A, you can reach level 99 - that is if you are skilled enough. After completion of level 99, you will reach level 0. BUT unlike the 0 level in Game A, this is not a kill stage that causes an instant gameover. Instead, the ducks here move uber-slow. Completing this, which even a beginner can, will return you to the first round.

Game D: Serving as a replacement for Game C, you will have infinite bullets, infitnite shooting time, and infinite targets in this game mode. Your target? Running dogs in mid air. Use your machine gun to obliterate them... if that's even possible.