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Duck Hunt Reloaded Instructions

Duck Hunt Reloaded is controlled by using the mouse. Aim and shoot by pointing and clicking with your mouse.

Duck Hunt Reloaded Walkthrough

Duck Hunt Reloaded is a remake of the classic hunting game, Duck Hunt. Duck Hunt Reloaded takes the basic concept of the original game and adds humor, achievements, and lots of gore!

Like the original Duck Hunt, the objective of Duck Hunt Reloaded is to shoot a given number of ducks to advance to the next level. If you fail to reach this number or run out of ammunition before doing so, you will lose and have to repeat the level. Your progress is saved in this hunting game, so you will be able to begin on any unlocked level during your next session.

Unless you have a light gun peripheral, the mouse is used to control Duck Hunt Reloaded. Nothing replaces the feeling of the good old light gun, but the mouse works well enough for those of us that don't want to fork over hundreds of dollars for one. Simply point and click to aim and to shoot. Leading your targets is not necessary in this hunting game. On the Rambo Hunting level, however, short bursts should be employed to hit targets. Holding down the mouse button for continuous fire will make the crosshair grow and your shots will become inaccurate, similar to a modern first-person shooting game.

Humor is the factor that makes Duck Hunt Reloaded such a fun game. Of course, those of us that grew up playing the original Duck Hunt will get the full benefit of this hunting game's comedy, but gamers that did not have the privilege of of playing the classic will still be amused. Along with the standard duck sprites, players will be able to gun down Donald Duck, the annoying dog, and even the "Toasty" guy from Mortal Kombat! If you don't blast them all the first time, remember that you can always retry levels to shoot for one hundred percent!

Duck Hunt Reloaded is a humorous homage to a classic game. This hunting game is great for a quick gaming break or a demented stroll down memory lane!