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Duck Hunt Remake Instructions

As far as controls go, there is nothing complicated in Duck Hunt Remake. Everything is plain and easy - just use your mouse for moving your scope, hit the left click to kill those ducks, and when you are out of ammunition, just press the R button and you are back into action. What could be simpler than that?

Duck Hunt Remake Walkthrough

The mechanics of the game? It's just as simple as the controls. The primary objective of the game: hit the ducks. There are 2 types or species of ducks that you can hit and earn points with - those that are black and those that are red. Taking out one will earn you 100 points. There are other ways of earning points like shooting off a branch of a burning tree.

HOWEVER, there are also ways to lose points. YES, there are forms of punishment. See those yellow ducks flying around? Keep your hands and bullets off of them. Make the mistake of shooting them and you will pay a fine of 200 points. Also, deforesting the area will generate fire! You and your hunting dog will be toasted for sure!

I have played Duck Hunt a lot back when I was a kid. BUT for those who are not familiar with the game and needs some training, worry NOT. There is a training mode where you can hone your duck hunting and shooting skills. Your training partner? Your tried and tested hunting partner, the dog who laughs whenever you miss a duck. He will be waving targets in front of you and within seconds you should shoot it or he will hide back into the grass with it.

Also, you can easily set the difficulty level of the game - easy, medium, or hard. The hard level is really hard with the ducks flying like they are on steroids. Extra fast fingers and reflexes are needed for this level. If you want to keep it fun yet still challenging enough, stick at the medium level.

Duck Hunt Remake - for fans of the classic NES game Duck Hunt, you should give this a shot. You will love it for sure.