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Duck Hunt Remake 2 Instructions

So how do you play Duck Hunt Remake 2? Simple! Use your mouse's left click button to hit and shoot the ducks down. And when you are out of ammunition in the middle of the hunt, all you have to do is press R and your shotgun will be fully reloaded...ready for another round of action. Oh, whenever you need to switch back to the main menu, just hit the Back Space button.

Duck Hunt Remake 2 Walkthrough

So you thought the duck hunting season was over after Duck Hunt - a classic of NES faded into obscurity? Well, think again as here comes the Duck Hunt Remake 2 - opening the duck hunting rampage once more! Serving as a tribute to the classic NES game, Duck Hunt Remake 2's game play is reminiscent to that of its predecessor (with some minor twists).

The objective of the game is pretty straightforward: shoot down all ducks in sight! BUT you better be fast as they will try to escape whenever they can. HOWEVER, you can't just fire your shotgun like a mad man. Be careful not to harm the dog. YES, that cute dog from the classic Duck Hunt game is also back. He's your hunting keep those bullets off of him.

I love everything about the game. After all, I am a huge fan of the vintage Duck Hunt video game. There is one thing that I do NOT like about it however. The game itself is pretty laggy. I do have a decent video card and memory BUT perhaps the game requires better specs I guess. It really sucks when you are switching from one option in the menu to another. And that's especially true when you are playing the game. Aside from that, though - graphics quality, controls, etc. everything is perfectly fine in Duck Hunt Remake 2.