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DuckHunt Instructions

Just like in most hunting and first person shooter games, all you have to do is make sure that your mouse is working to play Duck Hunt. Just point your mouse to the duck, hit the left click button to shoot and that's it! You don't have to worry about reloading as it is done automatically after you finish a round just like in the old BUT still fun Duck Hunt of NES.

DuckHunt Walkthrough

So you are missing the vintage NES game - Duck Hunt? Yeah? If that's the case, then you will love this online flash video game. This is a remake of the Duck Hunt game that kids loved (including me...when I was a grade school student back then). Now this game may NOT offer the same level of excitement as the NES game since you will be playing with a mouse not a toy gun. HOWEVER, it will still be an exciting game nonetheless.

In Duck Hunt, you get to choose from 4 modes of play - (Game A) This mode requires you to shoot 1 Duck at a time (Game B) On the other hand, you will be facing two ducks at a time in this mode. If you want something more exciting and thrilling, then move on to Game C and D. These are timed game modes. On Game C, you will be facing 1 Duck and on Game D, you need to shoot down 2 ducks.

Reminders: In all of these modes, you only have 2 bullets or shells per round. Each shot matters. That is especially true for Game Modes B and D. With Game Modes A and C, you will still have one bullet left in case you miss one to win the round. You can't say the same with the other modes. That's what I like about this game - it can be very challenging and unforgiving even for the most die hard fans of hunting and first person shooter games.