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DuckNCover Instructions

When it comes to controls, there is nothing complicated or fancy about DuckNCover. All you have to do is to make sure your mouse is working well and smooth and you are guaranteed to have a good time shooting ducks, ducking eggs, reloading, and everything else in between. What could be easier than that?

DuckNCover Walkthrough

The mechanics of the game is pretty easy.

Step 1 - Move your mouse over the ducks or eggs to shoot. YES, you have read that right. You don't even have to click to blast those ducks and eggs. Just make sure you have shells or ammo loaded in your gun.

Step 2 - Hold your Space Bar button to dodge the flying ducks and eggs when the need arises. Fail to do that and it's game over for will start from square one. YES, this game is NOT just about shooting helpless flying ducks. As the game's name suggests, you also need to duck and take cover from fire.

Step 3 - Last BUT not the least, when you are out of shells or bullets, just move your mouse to the ground and that's about it.

What could be easier (or more boring as some of you might be tempted to think)?

Actually, believe it or not, this game has a lot to offer when it comes to the excitement and thrill department. You see, at first, the ducks are travelling across the screen...calmly. It's as if they are NOT aware that you are there ready to shoot them. BUT watch when your score gets to 1000 or so - then you will see ducks diving straight for you! And your reflexes need to be as fast. As mentioned earlier, one hit from them spells doom for you...GAME OVER. Better be ready to press that Space Bar button and dodge if you want to have a high enough score to be posted on the scoreboard.

DuckNCover - if you are looking for fast paced fun without the complicated control schemes, this is definitely is it!