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Fatal Hunt Instructions

For hunting and shooting game fans who are tired of the usual point, click, shoot, and score scheme of playing, the controls of Fatal Hunt will be a breath of fresh air for you. Use the W, A, D, and S buttons to move your character around the screen. On the other hand, use your mouse for adjusting your aim and hit the left click button to shoot.

Fatal Hunt Walkthrough

Fatal Hunt - this game takes place in the year 2012. A traitor who goes by the name of Andes stole the human gene bank and flee with it...together with the dream of ruling the world (I wonder how he's going to do it with the gene bank). To counteract this, Super Soldier Ken and Jane have been tasked to capture Andes and you need to work with them to seize the traitor and locate the gene bank.

This hunting and shooter game has a nice background story to it together with above average graphics and sound effects. I'm definitely giving Fatal Hunt 2 thumbs up in the visual and audio department. Onto the mechanics, the idea is simple - shoot everything in sight or they will kill you. Do that and you move on to the next level.

HOWEVER, let me remind you that the next level is harder than the previous one. So what should you do? Buy and upgrade new weapons. You see, for every enemy you take down, you get points and cash for it. Go to inventory section and start beefing up your guns and pistols for the battle ahead. Failure to do that could result to a rude awakening. The weapon you used to finish the previous level may be found lacking in the next.

In Fatal Hunt, you are fighting for the survival of the human race so you better do it right!