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Fawn Hunter 3000 Instructions

Fawn Hunter 3000 - just to clear things up, this is a hunting game, NOT some sort of sophisticated deer-killing robot or terminator from the future. And no, it's not a movie either. Anyway, the control scheme of this hunting game is as easy as it could get: just use your mouse. A couple of clicks to get the game started, click to take out those bucks, click to reload - long story short, you will be clicking throughout the game. Well, that's it for the control scheme. Now, let's have a closer look at the game.

Fawn Hunter 3000 Walkthrough

There are 2 types of hunting games. On the first category, we have hunting games that are realistic and interactive. These games are filled with twists and turns, and they are built from top to bottom to bring the thrill of REAL-life hunting to your desktop. Bucks, mountain goats, sea ducks, and turkeys - those are just to name a few of the animals available as targets in these hunting games.

As for the second category of hunting games, they have the same idea like the first category BUT they just won't compare to the excitement level. The targets in this category of hunting games are like sitting targets - they move slow... so slow it's impossible to miss them. BUT they have their uses. If you're too tired to keep up with fast moving targets and shooting down a couple of bucks, ducks, etc. is what you only want, these hunting games are good enough.

Fawn Hunter 3000, while it sounds exciting, belongs to the second category. Your objective is very straightforward: shoot all of the deer that comes your way. Move your mouse to move your scope. Once you are sure you'd hit (which is as easy as pie), just press the left click button to fire. It's that easy. The challenge is that no deer must make it out alive. Otherwise, it's game over. Also, you only have 8 bullets when you start the game. When you run out of ammunition, you need to click that reload button on the lower right hand corner of the game screen to fill up your rifle with shells... and to resume the rampage! Even with those "challenges", though, the targets are as slow as snails that it shouldn't be a problem.

One deer would come out of the bushes from the right and it will try to cross REALLY slowly to the left. Another deer would come out of the left part of your screen, and would stare at you for a long time as if saying: "Here I am! Shoot me down!" It's not the most exciting of hunting games. BUT if you take delight in shooting down bucks and watching them get ripped apart by your bullets (I think the rifle in this game is a scatter shotgun), Fawn Hunter 3000 is a game to check out.

Well, I think that's about everything you need to know about this game. If you are bored, if you had a bad day at the office and want to let out some steam, the deer in Fawn Hunter 3000 would be more than happy to take hits... A LOT of hits from you.