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Fisher Girl Instructions

Choose the strength of your cast by clicking and holding the left mouse button. Cast your line by releasing the left mouse button. Lure fish and reel in your line by clicking with the left mouse button. Move in any direction (if you've purchased a power reel) by quickly moving the mouse in the direction you want to move.

Fisher Girl Walkthrough

Fisher Girl is an entertaining hunting game that will keep you playing game after game. The story of the game is fairly basic, but still intriguing. Basically, you go fishing with your fisher boy only to have him taken by a shark. Knowing that he won't be able to survive long in the water, you set out to try to rescue him. You start out with a basic Bronze rod and four small fishing lures, but will able to buy better lures and rods throughout the game if you can hit one of the floating stores. In order to purchase anything, though, you will need coins. You earn coins by catching fish, so always try to catch a fair number of fish before you try to reach the stores. You need the right size lure to catch the fish you are trying to catch. Catch a fish that's too big for your lure and you'll lose your lure. Lose all your tackle and your game is over.

The real challenge of Fisher Girl is catching the right size fish and getting it all of the way to the shore without letting it get eaten by other fish. That's really what sets this game apart from most of the other fishing games online. If you are using a small lure, you can only catch small fish. If you manage to get a small fish on the line you have to avoid coming into contact with other fish. Other fish will take bites out of your fish and will reduce the amount of coins you get for your catch. If you get enough bites taken out of your fish, you'll lose it entirely and will have to try to catch another one. It's fairly easy to avoid other fish in most cases, but when there is a whole school of fish around your catch, it can be nearly impossible to avoid taking a little damage. If the fish is big enough, it might be worth it. For smaller fish though, it's better to just try to catch another fish right from the get go.

The key to doing well in Fisher Girl is to focus on getting as many small fish as you can in the beginning of the game to build coins and then trying for the larger lures so you can larger fish. New rods are also important. New rods increase how far you can cast which is especially important once you've depleted to fish at the start of the level. While you aren't able to control the direction your line goes when you reel in unless you have purchased a power reel, you can avoid other fish by controlling how fast you reel in. For example, if there is a fish above you that you're going to hit as you reel in, slack off reeling for a moment and allow your fish to drift until the other fish is out of the way. Alternatively, if a fish is not in the way but looks like it will be before long, hold down the left mouse button to reel your fish in faster. Other times, tapping the left mouse button will allow your fish to stay in basically the same place, allowing any fish threatening to take a bite out of you to clear the way.

Overall, Fisher Girl is an excellent hunting game that will keep you playing game after game. For more experienced hunting game players the more relaxed pace and change of format will make the game even more appealing. Newcomers to hunting games will love the easy to use controls but also the fact that it does offer a bit of a challenge. If you want to keep your game going for as long as possible, picking up additional lures and rods is vital. Pick them up my hitting the icons in the water. If you can learn how to control your lure when you're reeling your line in - which isn't really all that difficult to do - you should be able to do pretty well in the game. It isn't really an intense, action packed game that will get your pulse racing, but it is a great game to kill a little time with. If you're a fan of hunting games or fishing games, you need to give this one a try.