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Fishing Champion Instructions

Choose the power of your cast by clicking with the left mouse button. Position your rod with the mouse. Cast by clicking with the left mouse button. Reel in a fish by holdng the left mouse button down and moving your mouse from left to right on the screen.

Fishing Champion Walkthrough

Fishing Champion is an excellent hunting game in which your goal is to catch as many valuable fish as you can and collect as many bonuses as possible as you try to become the fishing champion. There are six fishing holes in total you need to conquer, each one offering new challenges and a higher level of difficulty which keeps the game interesting and entertaining. If you want to complete all six fishing holes, you will need to pay attention to not only catching fish but catching the right kind of fish. Each fish at each new hole will have a different 'Cash Catch' value and each new hole will have a dollar amount goal you need to reach to move on. If you fail to reach the goal, you will fail to pass the level. It isn't always easy to reach the goal but if you pay attention and use the limited amount of worms you have wisely, you'll be able to do fine. This hunting game takes a little skill but even newcomers to the genre will be able to get the hang of it if they stick with it. Even though it might seem a bit complicated at first, it doesn't take long to understand what the game is asking of you.

The actual game screen in Fishing Champion offers more information than most fishing hunting games online which might take a little getting used to, even for those with a lot of experience in the genre. For example, this game offers the 'bonus fish' which is shown at the bottom right corner of the game screen. You'll get extra points if you catch the bonus fish, so make sure you know which fish you're looking for and do everything you can to catch it. Catching the bonus fish is a great way to rack up points and get a high score when all is said and done. More experienced players are going to love this addition to the game as it's fairly unique in the world of hunting games. Newcomers might have a bit of trouble getting the bonus fish but remember, you don't need to catch the bonus fish to beat the level. It's just a fun little addition to the game, but if you can't get it, don't worry about it too much. You only have a limited number of worms to use (how many worms you have is shown to the left of the bonus fish) so don't waste a lot of worms trying to get the bonus fish if you just aren't able to get it.

The bobber you use in Fishing Champion is also important. The bobber you have chosen will be shown at the bottom of the screen to the left of how many worms you have left. Different bobbers are really just decorative, but they add a little flair to the game. To the left of bobber type you have your fish list. The fish list is important. It shows you how much different types of fish are worth at that hole and shows you the cash goal for that level. Open the fish list to see what types of fish you should be trying for and to see how far you have to go to complete the level. To the left of that you have the map. Open your map to view other fishing holes and see where you stand in terms of progress in the overall game. To the left of your map you'll see how much money you've earned from the fish you've caught. This will determine what you can buy in the game. Buying upgrades is an extremely important part in getting the whole way through this game and getting through the game with a decent score. You earn money for every fish you catch with additional money awarded for the bonus fish. The best way to earn a lot of money is to focus on getting the more valuable fish in the beginning of the game. Later levels can be fairly difficult, so use the earlier levels to build money so you can buy the upgrades you need to get through the later levels.

One of the most important parts of Fishing Champion is shown at the far right of the bottom of the game screen - your casting power meter. If you're targeting a specific fish, use your casting power to try to get your bobber as close to the fish as possible. Once you've cast, you have very little control over the bobber, so make your cast count. While you'll also need to make sure your fishing rod is in the right position before you cast to get the best possible shot, casting power should not be overlooked. While in other hunting games, more power is always better, that is not necessarily true of this one. Sometimes, especially if a fish is closer to you, less power will be needed. If you use too much power you'll far overshoot the fish you're going for. If the fish is further away, on the other hand, you'll need more power to reach the fish with your cast. How much power you use will change from cast to cast, so make sure you pay attention. In addition, if your fish is toward the bottom of the screen, it's a good idea overshoot the fish a little bit to give your lure time to sink. How much time you need to allow will depend on how deep your fish is, but it's definitely a good rule to keep in mind.

The greatest thing about Fishing Champion is the color coding it offers to help you see how different fish are reacting to your bait if they're reacting to your bait at all. Fish that don't have a color surrounding them are just normal fish that aren't paying attention to your bait. Red surrounding a fish indicated it is stalking your bait. Green surrounding a fish means it is suspiciously watching your bait. Yellow surrounding a fish means it is about to bite. Use these color indicators to determine how to proceed. If the fish is red, do nothing and allow the fish to bite. If it's green, move your bait slightly - just enough to keep the fish interested. When a green fish turns red, keep your bait still again. Keep doing this until it bites. Sometimes the fish will change color very quickly, so you will need to react quickly. In addition, you need to pay attention to the type of fish going after you bait. If it isn't the fish you want and you think moving your bait will allow you to catch a better fish than move that bait. Always keep the overall goal in mind and make your choices accordingly.

Much like fishing in real life, getting the fish interested in your bait in Fishing Champion is only half the battle. Actually catching a fish in Fishing Champion can be pretty difficult which is really one of the key points that separates this game from many of the other hunting games online. You need to pay close attention and sink your hook at the right time. If you wait too long, you'll lose your fish. Click to sink your hook as soon as the fish turns yellow. Two green bars will appear on the screen along with the words 'fish on'. You now need to jerk your rod back and forth between the green bars to begin reeling that fish in. As you get closer to catching your fish the green bars will turn red. Once they do, you'll know you're on the right track. If you jerk the rod on an angle by moving your mouse from the bottom left of the bars to the top right or the other way around, you'll have a much better chance of catching the fish. You may lose worms occasionally, but fear not. Through the levels you may see 'floaty toys' (rubber ducks and things of that nature) which you can pop to earn more worms. Try to get these as often as possible. You never know if you're going to need them.

Overall, Fishing Champion isn't an easy game by any stretch of the imagination and will take a little getting used to, but it's well worth playing. Fans of hunting games are going to love the chance to do something a little different and will love the genuine challenge the game presents. While the controls will take a little getting used to, that's really part of the fun. This is a hunting game you're going to want to play again and again. Try for the floaty toys bonuses. If you pop enough you'll unlock new bobbers that can be a lot of fun to use. This is a great game any fan of fishing or hunting games will love. Give it a shot and stick with it for a while. Even if you have trouble in the beginning, you'll figure it out and be glad you didn't give up.