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Hit the Jackpot Instructions

The control scheme of Hit The Jackpot is very straightforward - even a 12-year old kid can play it. Just like other arrow / hunting games out there, the game is played entirely with the mouse. Played on a 3D and first person perspective, you need to move the mouse (and do so with precision!) and press the left click button to make the shot. Well, that's all you need to know for the controls.

Hit the Jackpot Walkthrough

Hit The Jackpot - OK, this is NOT a gambling game. This isn't about poker or any game based on sheer luck. This is a hunting game built from the ground up to test your online archery skills. The jackpot is that bull's eye... right at the center of field. Time your shot, hit that, and you get the perfect score. BUT as you will discover later, this is NOT as easy as it sounds.

At the start of this archery / hunting game, you need to pick a qualifying tournament to compete on. There's the Middle European Tournament, Grand Prix Of The Mediterranean Sea, and Baltic Sea Tournament. To compete in the up and coming European Cup (which is played in 7 cities), you should, at the very least, be on the 15th place. The qualifying tournament where you'll play in is played in 4 cities. The average distances are 50, 70, and 90 meters. None of these qualifying tournaments are cakewalk... and the European Cup is twice or thrice as hard!

Scoring System: For every shot you make, you can score anywhere from one to 10 points. This is determined in how close your arrow lands to the bull's eye. Hit the bull's eye and it's a 10! Along with that, there are extra points to be earned for the time you take to shoot an arrow (time of your trial divided by 10). BUT get this; while speed has some merit, accuracy is your priority. Don't rush. Take your time and make sure you land that arrow as close to the bull's eye as possible.

Obstacles: There are a couple of obstacles in this hunting game that you should pay attention to. First and foremost is the distance. The farther the target is, the harder it gets to land a clear shot. Also, the wind strength and direction is something you should keep an eye on. Not only will it sway your arrow away from the target, it will also stir your hands. That said, maybe there's a bit of luck needed in playing this game.

Experience Points: Experience - it matters A LOT in this hunting game. The more trials you play, the more EXP points you gain. And the more of it you have, the greater bow control you will have, which translates to greater chances of a HIGH score.

Well, I guess that's everything you need to know about Hit The Jackpot (which should've been named Hit The Bull's Eye instead). Can you grab the European Cup Championship? Or will you get demolished right in the qualifying stages? Let's find out. Play the game NOW!