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Hog Hunter Instructions

If you are a fan of the point, click, and shoot scheme of games, then the controls of Hog Hunter will please you. All you have to do is make sure that your mouse is working. Just move your mouse, aim it on the hogs (and other animals on your screen), hit the left click button to shoot, and SCORE! When you are out of ammunition, just hit the Space Bar button and your shot gun will be fully loaded...bringing you back to the action.

Hog Hunter Walkthrough

Unlike other first person shooter and hunting games where you can't shoot other things on your screen (or you will get penalized with point deduction, taking seconds from your clock, and everything else in between), in Hog Hunter, you can just go ahead and shoot everything or everyone in sight. Do that and you will be awarded with more points!

So what are your targets? As the name of the game suggests, they are hogs. And fortunately, they are not moving in a "run for your life" pace so taking them down shouldn't be much of a problem. Each of these hogs (they look more like wild boars than domesticated hogs) would earn you 100 points. Relying on them alone won't get you far on the scoreboard.

BUT then, there are other animals to shoot! I don't know if you have noticed it BUT right at the beginning of the game, there is this monster (or gorilla, or whatever it is) hiding behind the trees. Shoot it right away for instant 500 points. Also, see those holes on the ground? Keep an eye on those. There are moles popping out of them every now and then. Take them down and you gain 500 points. BUT you better be fast as they will be back to hiding after a second or so. You need lightning fast reflexes to keep up with these underground guys.

Oh! One more thing before I go - you don't have forever in this game. 2 minutes or 120 seconds - that's all you have. Make the most out of it. Happy hunting!