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Hunt Or Die Instructions

The control scheme of this hunting game - Hunt Or Die, is anything but complicated or fancy. You need your arrow or cursor keys for basic movement: use the left and right arrow keys to go back and forward; hit the up arrow key to jump and leap away from danger; etc. As for taking out those larger than life bees, cougars, mantises, etc., you need your mouse for that: move your mouse to move that crosshair; aim for your target; hit the left click button to fire an arrow. Oh! By the way, most creatures here in this game are tough... really tough. It would take more than an arrow to bring them to their knees so you have to be fast at tapping the left click button. OK, that's about it as far as control schemes go. Now, let's have a closer look at the game.

Hunt Or Die Walkthrough

Hunt Or Die - this hunting game created by Lee Grey and Simon Armstrong will surely appeal to A LOT of players, especially to grown up guys who grew up with pixel art games. This hunting game combines that and adventure exploration awesomeness to bring you a tight, very polished, and exciting 'run, jump, shoot, and survive' kind of game... one that will keep you on the edge of your seats for a VERY long time!

The way of life during the prehistoric times wasn't really hard to understand: kill or get killed. When you encounter anything that moves, you either have to turn it into lunch or you will end up on that thing's dining table. Heck! If you are 'lucky', whatever that creature is, he may not even bother stuffing you spices and side dishes. It will eat you right there... on the spot while you are screaming for help. OUCH! Anyway, in this hunting game, that is the very tune you need to dance on: hunt or die. What an apt name. Now, don't even think about trying to outrun those larger than life animals or abstain from killing. Guess what - you are cursed with a destructively fast and HIGH metabolic rate. That means your body is always burning calories and you need to keep your tummy in full tank to keep up with it. See that energy bar on top of the game's screen? Once that runs out, you will hit the floor faster than Hatton passed out against Pac-man. GAME OVER!

The good news, however, is that things aren't always going against you. First off, you don't need to venture far from home to find your first animal to kill. It's going to be a harmless BUT fast moving rabbit. BUT unlike rabbits of today, these guys are tough and hard to take down. One, two, or three arrows may not be enough to get your hands on your breakfast so you need to keep those arrows firing while moving and jumping forward to chase. Now, you really don't have to worry about arrows. You have an endless supply of woods for your infinite arrows. The starting critters, rabbits, etc. - they shouldn't trouble you much.

Most of the time, they will just run away from you. BUT you can't say the same for the bigger guys in the wild - the fast moving cougar and high flying killer bees for example will take the fight to you. The cougar, during my first tries, really gave me a tough time. It's not just huge and hard to take out - it knows how to hit and run... and come back to hit you some more. Apparently, this HUGE cat is also on the hunt for lunch and, unfortunately, you look like a tasty treat to it. To make matters worse, once you get hit, you get knocked back... and you are unable to fire any arrows for like 2 seconds or so. And the bigger predators will take good advantage of that by hitting you some more... knocking you back some more until you are toast. So the lesson? Keep your distance and shoot those arrows from safety.

Night-time isn't very good for hunting. BUT hey, you don't have much of a choice. You need to keep your energy bar filled by a healthy amount to survive. It's almost pitch-black during night time and you need to pick out your predators' silhouettes. This is particularly true when you enter tunnels and rock towers where almost everything inside is twice your size - mushrooms, insects, mantises, etc. The upside, though, is that the sights are strange and wonderful. To make the journey to these perilous regions of prehistoric earth even more worthwhile, you will find A LOT of secrets and help fill up ample achievements from successful hunting. Oh! And one more thing, you really shouldn't worry about dying. There are stone shrines where you get to save your progress. Just pass through them and you're all set for a longer voyage. That said, there are no stone shrines inside rock tunnels and towers. So find one before leaping into the abyss. It's very handy especially when you pick up the wrong fight against a giant mantis who will hit you hard like a bulldozer.

One last tip: ostriches... find them. Apparently, these huge fowl still have their massive flying wings during the prehistoric times. This should help you explore high places, find bonuses and secrets, etc. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your arrows that are infinite in numbers, get those jumping and running feet ready, and enjoy this rich and 8-bit hunting game NOW!