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Hunting With Palin Instructions

The control scheme of Hunting With Palin is as standard as it could get. If you have played shooting and hunting games before, playing this one shouldn't be too difficult. Entirely played with a mouse, all you have to do move your crosshair / scope to your target by moving your mouse, and hit the left click button to fire. Take out a target and you earn points for it. That's about everything you need to know as far as controls go. Now onto the game!

Hunting With Palin Walkthrough

Sarah Louise Palin - born in February 11, 1964. She is an American politician, commentator, and author - a woman with A LOT of talent indeed. Being the Vice President Nominee of the Republican Party back in the 2008 presidential election, she took her political career to another high by being the very first Alaskan on the national ticket of a recognized and major party list and she is the very first Republican woman who was nominated as Vice-President.

Not only that, she was the youngest person and first ever woman to be elected as Governor of Alaska - which is a position she held from December 2006 all the way to July of 2009 when he resigned. Since then, she has endorsed and helped the Tea Party movement in their campaigns while campaigning for several candidates as well in the 2010 mid-term elections. And to top everything off like icing on a cake, she has written a book - Going Rogue, which sold well over 2 million copies! There's no doubt about it - Sarah Palin was one busy woman. BUT apparently, all of a sudden, she has plenty of time in her hands... so plenty that she's off to hunting. And to make things even more exciting, you need to help her in this hunting game - Hunting With Palin, to take out all sorts of targets!

The objective of the game couldn't be more straightforward or simpler: you are given 60 seconds and within that time frame, you need to score as much as you can by hunting and shooting down the RIGHT targets. YES, you cannot just go shooting everything or everyone in sight. But don't let that depress you. There is a lot of stuff you can shoot so you don't really have to hold back the gunman in you. First off, there's the Majestic Moose. It's so majestic it moves slow like a real royal-blooded moose waving to everyone. You shouldn't have any trouble taking out these guys. Then there's the galloping caribou. Unlike its bigger cousins - the Majestic Moose, these guys are fast and will run for the trees for cover. Following that, there are wolves, which are supposed to come out only at night BUT for some reason, they are out in the open during the day. None of these animals should make you sweat. BUT if you want to rake in A LOT of points, then you should set your sights and crosshairs on BIGGER targets.

How BIG? Well, they are war machines! I don't know what they are doing in Alaska. BUT in any case, their presence isn't welcome. There are Russian Mig Fighter Jets, Russian Submarines, and Russian Battleships. Now, you might think: "What on earth can a sniper / hunter rifle do against these massive war machines?" Well, here's the good news: all it takes is a clean shot... just one to blow these out. They aren't any tougher than the caribous, moose, and wolves in the wild.

As I have mentioned earlier, there are people and animals in the game that you shouldn't harm. First and foremost, John McCain is in the woods. He will pop out of the trees at one point. I'm not too sure what on earth he is doing there, BUT he's there... and you shouldn't shoot him. Next, there's Todd Palin. I know there are a lot of rumors that Sarah's hubby is heading for divorce after all of the stress and scandals brought by politics, BUT that doesn't give you any right to shoot him down while he's riding a snow machine. Also, leave the dog sled team alone. And last BUT not the least, the offshore oil rig is something you don't want to harm. I mean, come on! People are fighting over oil... you just can't shoot it, ok? Make the mistake of killing any of the above and points will be slashed off of your score.

Now, after the sixty second mark, if you did well enough, you are given another 20 second or so where you hunt and kill targets while on the helicopter. The nice thing about this part is that the number of points for every target is doubled. As long as you don't shoot the BIG no-no's, you should be OK. How well you score depends on the number of bullets you have spent, how many targets you have taken out, and the number of points you have amassed in the process. Well, sure you can go all berserk and just shoot without thinking... hoping you would hit that wolf, caribou, or whatever. If that's how you roll, go ahead. BUT to milk that single level for whatever its worth, make every shot count. There's only one level in the game so make sure you do well. Anyway, enough talk. Time to help Palin in her hunt!