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Huntsman Instructions

The control scheme of Huntsman is very typical of hunting games out there. The game is played entirely with a mouse. As long as you know how to point and click, you are good to go. A couple of clicks to get the game started, click to shoot down those deer and owls, rinse and repeat until the time runs out. That's about everything you need to know as far as the control scheme goes. Let's take a closer look at the game.

Huntsman Walkthrough

Huntsman - alright we are not talking about the American politician, businessman, diplomat, and 16th Governor of Utah Jon Huntsman, Jr. I'm talking about something more exciting. The 'other' huntsman... the one who uses his tried and tested rifle with amazing accuracy. The huntsman who only pulls the trigger when the time is right... when he's sure it's a kill - that's what we are talking about here. If you think you have those qualities, then let's put it to the test with this hunting game!

This hunting game will be a VERY good test of your shooting and hunting skills. Quick reflexes and laser accuracy - if you want to have any hope of scoring high in this hunting game, you better have these. The objective of Huntsman is very straightforward: take out as many bucks and white owls as you can. Before we dig in, I must say that no bucks or white owls are harmed in the making of this game. It's all CGI. So fans of Harry Potter who love white owls, calm down. Moving forward, the game has a time limit. It's on the lower right corner of the screen and it's ticking all the time. Once that runs out, the level (there is only one by the way) is over. Your score will be calculated, and if you did really well, you can post it on the scoreboard for everyone to see.

The 'posting the score' part is easy... BUT getting a score worthy of posting isn't. Why? The bucks and owls are just nuts! They are like on steroids. In real life, I have never seen a deer run so fast. The owls as well are no push-overs in the speed department. You better be quick on pulling that trigger. With the slightest hesitation, you will miss your target. Have you ever played Deer Hunt - another fast paced hunting game? The bucks in that game move ultra fast. BUT the bucks in Huntsman are EVEN faster!

I'd say this game can even confuse you. A bunch of bucks and owls appear at the same time. They move so fast you can only take out one of them... and if you can't make up your mind, you will surely end up empty-handed.

Oh, before I forget, the farther you are into the level, the darker the surrounding gets. It will be so dark you can only see the silhouette of the deer and owls... making it infinitely harder to take them out.

Now, not everything is stacked against you. Just like in Deer Hunt, the bucks and owls in this game keep appearing in the same spot and running in the same direction. After a few runs in this hunting game, you should have a good idea of where the deer and owls will come from and which direction they'll go... allowing you to adjust your scope and increase your chances of hitting. Along with that, you don't have bother yourself about reloading. You have unlimited ammunition.

That said, the 'spam the left click button and hope it hits' strategy (which works in Deer Hunt) won't work in Huntsman. Just so you know, each time you miss, a considerable amount of points is chopped off that score you worked so hard to build up. If you want any hopes of bagging the highest score, you should always keep in mind that every bullet is valuable.