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Jam Hunt Instructions

Shooting and hunting games are as easy as pie to play. No complicated, fancy, or finger twisting controls. Jam Hunt, just like other games in the genre, is played entirely with the mouse: (1) Move your crosshair, gun's scope, or whatever you want to call it by moving your mouse. (2) Aim for your target and once you are all set, hit the left click button to fire. That's about everything you need to know as far as control schemes go. Oh! By the way, you got to do it fast... REALLY fast as your targets won't just sit around for long. Anyway, let's have a closer look at the game.

Jam Hunt Walkthrough

There are only a few flash-based online games that impress me in the visual and graphics department. I mean - take a look at the latest releases out there. May it be hunting games, driving games, or whatever; they may have some nice background story. Some could have nice and exciting game play. BUT only a handful could really stand proudly and say: "I look fantastic and eye-dropping." I guess that has something to do with the limitations of flash as a gaming platform... perhaps the game size would be gravely affected if the graphics are too nice and detailed resulting in sluggish game loading. But surprisingly, Jam Hunt, a simple and straightforward hunting game, managed to get past that boundary!

Before going into that, the objective of this game is simple: score as much as you can by shooting everything (well, almost) that pops up with your double barrel shotgun, which fires 2 bullets at a time BUT reloads quite slow. Most of the time, you will find yourself shooting regular-looking cans, which adds 100 points to your score. You would find 2, 3, or even 4 of these cans popping up all at the same time.

It would be a piece of cake to take out these cans (of pork and beans I guess?) if only your shotgun reloads faster. Well, here's the solution: the rainbow-striped and glittering cans. These cans, as you may have guessed, are far from ordinary. Not only do they add points to your score, they also temporarily create frenzy and increase your gun's fire rate. With the aid of the rainbow-striped can, you can keep firing as if you have an M-16 instead of an old-school shotgun.

Now, it would be boring if there's nothing but cans to shoot. Gladly, the guys behind Jam Hunt tossed more stuff to shoot. There are piggy banks that will multiply your score. Then there's the Cowboy Action Figure that adds a whopping 10,000 points to your score. BUT mind you, these action figures appear only every now and then so be alert and make sure you shoot one when it pops. They may not appear again. Next, we have the ice cube. Shoot this and the time slows down - not just the timer BUT everything except your gun. This allows you to aim, shoot, and rake in points without breaking a sweat. But don't get too calm and relaxed. It only lasts for a couple of seconds so milk this power-up for whatever its worth. Now, if there's just way too many cans to shoot and take out, pray that a bomb appears. Shooting the bomb blows up everything on the screen - a surefire way to add more 'cha-ching' to your score. The bad news, however, is that the bombs are usually hiding behind the cans. It's up to you how you will work around that.

OK, not everything you see must be shot. There's the ginger bread man - a tasty treat if you ask me BUT do NOT shoot it. Make that mistake and 10 seconds will be slashed off of your time. By the way, you only have 60 seconds for the whole game. That's NOT a lot and you don't want any deductions on your timer.

Going back to the graphics and design of the game, I just got to give this game a solid 9. The looks and design of this hunting game can be compared to that of a modern console game (Xbox, PS3, etc.). If only this game has bonuses, upgrades, and other bells and whistles, Jam Hunt could easily score an 8 out of 10. YES folks - this game doesn't have anything else to offer than the 60-second level. There are no other stages, levels, difficulties, upgrades, and other niceties that we often see in today's free and flash-based games. Well, you can, of course, play again and again in an effort to outdo yourself BUT that's nowhere as fun as having achievements or awards to play for.

Still, this is a shooting / hunting game that I would recommend. If you are someone who needs a minute or two away from those stressful paper works and documents, Jam Hunt is HIGHLY recommended!