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Little Indian Warrior Instructions

The controls for Little Indian Warrior are fairly easy. Just use the left and right arrow keys to move your little hunter across the screen. On the other hand, press the space bar to get your bow loaded, hold on it to adjust the power of the shot, and release it to fire that arrow. Nothing complicated about it really. Even a 12 year old can play this game.

Little Indian Warrior Walkthrough

If you love hunting games that have missions and a touch of RPG and strategy games sprinkled on it, then Little Indian Warrior is yours for the taking. In this game, you will be playing as a young Indian who needs to prove his worth to the tribe. So how does he do it? Complete the 10 hunting missions and tasks. Some are as easy as pie while others are devilishly tricky and difficult.

Let's take a look at some of them:

Hunting Mission 1: This is one is outright easy. The task is to hunt 10 jaguars. And guess what they are flocking towards you! Just pick off 10 of them and you are off to the next mission. Seriously, I have been watching Discovery and Animal Planet shows since I was a kid and I have never seen a crowd of jaguars like the one you will see in Little Indian Warrior.

Hunting Mission 2: The second task steps up the difficulty. Again, you need to take out 10 jaguars BUT you must not let 5 of them escape. It's important that you don't miss the second part of the mission. When 5 jaguars escape, it's game over for you. BUT worry not. You don't have to go back to mission 1. You can always start where you left off.

Hunting Mission 3: Now, things are getting a little trickier than it was in the previous missions. You need to take down 15 jaguars and you only have 15 arrows to use. Along with that, the mission doesn't get started right away. How do you get the mission started? How can you take out 15 jaguars with only 15 arrows? I won't be a spoiler. I will leave those out for you to figure out.