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Little Indian Warrior: Remix Instructions

If you have played hunting games before, this game - Little Indian Warrior: Remix, should be a piece of cake to play for you. The game is played entirely with the keyboard: use the left and right arrow keys to get your Little Indian Warrior moving. The space bar, on the other hand, is for aiming and releasing your arrow. Nothing fancy or complicated - that's about everything you need to know about the controls. Let's check out the game.

Little Indian Warrior: Remix Walkthrough

Little Indian Warrior: Remix - nah, this isn't some song by Usher or any R&B artist that got remixed. It's a hunting game - a sequel of Little Indian Warrior. You will be playing as a... well, little Indian warrior! To earn your place in the tribe, you need to prove your worth by completing 10 hunting missions. I'm not sure if every South American Indian teen have to go through this quest or if this is complete crap. BUT anyway, you need to complete the missions - some of them are as easy as pie, while others can be tricky.

First, a little bit about the game play: this hunting game is played on a top-view perspective. The jaguars, which are your targets, will come from the upper part of the screen while your Indian warrior is at the bottommost part of the screen. If you press the space bar button, a scope will appear (which shows the trajectory of your arrow and the spot where it'll land). The longer you hold down the space bar button, the scope goes further up and your arrow gets MORE oomph. Release the space bar button to release your arrow. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the jaguars are constantly moving forward. That said, you should adjust your shots to make sure it will hit. If you miss, your target jaguar will side-step and that means you have to adjust your position a bit, too.

Now, let's take a closer look at some of the challenges... just so you could see how tricky they could get.

The first hunting mission is outright easy. All you have to do is hunt down 10 jaguars - just that plain and simple. Your arrows are unlimited in this mission and, to make things even sweeter, the jaguars are flocking towards you! I have been an avid fan of the Animal Planet and Discovery Channel, and trust me, I have NEVER seen such a crowd of jaguars. Anyway, pick out ten of them off and you are good to go.

On the second mission, the difficulty steps up a bit. You need to take out 10 jaguars. HOWEVER, you should not let 5 of them escape. Miss the second part of the mission, and you have to start over again. But don't worry, you still have unlimited arrows at your disposal. One clear-cut strategy here is to focus and take down those jaguars that are nearest to you... the ones who are about to escape.

Moving to the next and third mission, things get a little trickier... just a little. This time, you need to take out 15 jaguars. BUT you only have 15 arrows to use. So what to do? Well, I won't keep you guessing. See that box in the middle of the field? Shoot it down and you'll get exploding arrows! And one of these arrows can take out many jaguars as long as they are clumped together. So it's not too difficult - look for those jaguars that are close together, land an exploding arrow in the middle of them, and bam! Rinse and repeat and you shouldn't have any trouble.

As for the fourth level, this is where I got stumped. And this is where you are on your own. Oh! By the way, if you are just after a score, just go for the Free Mode. Here, you get to play against unlimited jaguars and bag as much score as you want. Enough talk, time to earn your place in the tribe.