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Moby Dick Instructions

Move the whale using your mouse. Use the boost (when available) by clicking with the left mouse button.

Moby Dick Walkthrough

Literary fans rejoice! There is now a hunting game based (very loosely) on the classic Herman Melville novel, Moby Dick. Granted, the game doesn't really have that much to do with the novel aside from the fact that you're playing as the legendary white whale, but it's still a pretty good idea. The game itself is actually a lot of fun; challenging you to eat, kill and destroy everything in your path before you run out of air. Is it hard? Yes. Is it entertaining? Definitely. The great thing about this game is that the controls could not possibly be more basic. You play the entire game with your mouse. There are no keyboard shortcuts to worry about, allowing you to focus all of your attention on your whale. There are dangers you need to avoid and basic stats you need to keep an eye on, but overall, your goal here is to just be a big whale and take out as many of the things in the ocean as you can.

At the very top of the game screen in Moby Dick, you'll see the three meters you need to keep an eye on if you want to survive; air, health and hunger. Your whale needs air so you need to make sure you return to the surface every so often to give it to him. As you play, your health can deplete if you are shot by harpoons, are speared or get caught in nets. You need to try to avoid all of these things if you want to keep your health meter full. That isn't always easy, but the challenge of the game is really what makes it so much fun. Hunger is likely the easiest stat to take care of. To take care of hunger, all you need to do is eat. You can eat fish or birds to help satisfy your whale's appetite. Catching fish can be difficult, but generally speaking, even if you don't catch all of the fish on the screen, catching even a few will keep your whale alive. If you're having trouble getting back to the surface to get air or are having trouble avoiding taking damage from the humans hunting you, there are health bonuses (hearts in a bubble) and air bonuses (bubbles in a bubble) in the water you can go after to help replenish those stats. There is no hunger bonus as the water is full of things to eat so they're not really necessary. These bonuses can be of great benefit later in the game when more humans are attacking and you are having a hard time getting to the surface for air and are taking a lot of damage.

Destroying boats is important in Moby Dick. Not only do you gain points by destroying boats and killing the people in them but you also reduce the number of humans that will be firing at you. The small boats are pretty easy to take out but, as with most of the other hunting games online, the game gets more difficult as you progress and the boats you need to destroy are no exception to that rule. The boats get bigger and much harder to destroy. They have more people in them and they are capable of inflicting more damage. In order to take out the bigger boats, it's almost a given that you'll need to take a little damage. The sacrifice is worth it though. Check your health meter before you try to take out one of the big ones first though. If your health is low, collect a few health bonuses to build up your strength. If there are none immediately available, eat some fish and do everything you can do to avoid taking more damage, then collect the bonuses when they appear. Once you have a bit of health stored up in your health meter, make your move on the big boats.

Overall, Moby Dick is an excellent hunting game that will pit you against pretty much everything in and on the ocean. It's not really a hunting game in the traditional sense of the term. It's not really a fishing game either. This is just an entertaining game that anyone can enjoy regardless of what they're looking for out oh a game. Hunting game fans are going to love it because it requires the same fast reflexes and careful mouse work that many of the best online hunting games require while newcomers to the genre are going to love it because it's straight forward and easy to understand. The key to doing well in this game is to watch those meters at the top of the screen. If you need air, don't just look for bonuses, but also remember you can brave the surface to get the air you need. Bonuses are important though and can, on their own, help you get through some of the more difficult parts of the game. Your goal is to survive as long as you can and get the best score you can get in the process. Definitely entertaining and well worth playing.