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Pheasant Hunting Instructions

When it comes to the controls department, there is nothing annoyingly complicated in Pheasant Hunting. It's as easy as (1) point your mouse at the pheasants flying around, (2) click to shoot, and last BUT not the least (3) rinse and repeat while scoring as much as you can. Easy, don't you think?

Pheasant Hunting Walkthrough

As the name suggests, this game is all about, well...Pheasant Hunting! Bring out your shotgun and kill as many pheasants as you can for you to advance to the next level. All you have to do is move your mouse (or your shotgun's scope) over the pheasants and click to shoot. BUT mind you, there are restrictions. You can only shoot the roosters. NEVER ever go for the hen or you will be penalized with deductions - that's 100 points taken off of your score.

So how do you get to the next level? Simple, just score one thousand points and that's it. After every level, the pheasants will fly a little faster than usual. This game is NOT just about fast fingers and perfect aim. Being attentive is also just as important. That's especially true when the game has dragged on long enough and the birds or pheasants are flying ultra fast. You can't just shoot anything in sight or you will see your score dwindle down to mediocrity after you have killed several hens.

It may NOT be the most exciting game (especially during the early stages) BUT it will definitely keep you busy for a long time.