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Rating: 3.97/5 stars (100 ratings)

Rabbit Hunt Instructions

Just move the scope (using your mouse) over the running rabits and hit the left click button to shoot...and that's it! What could be easier than that?! BUT as you will see, even if this game is pretty simplistic, there are little nuances that make it exciting.

Rabbit Hunt Walkthrough

Alright, if you are looking for a hunting and first person shooter game that has a lot of levels with increasing difficulty, then Rabbit Hunt may NOT be the game for you. HOWEVER, if you are looking for a hunting game that has nice graphics, is NOT too complicated, BUT still has enough challenge to pose then you definitely want to check this one out.

You see, Rabbit Hunt has only one level. BUT it is an exciting and action packed one. It seems that the game author packed everything in that single level. There are rabbits all around - some seem to move around the screen calmly...as if they are not afraid of you. Other rabbits though move like they are trying to catch on the nearby mall sale to shop for carrots. That's the challenging part. There will be like 3 to 4 rabbits on the screen at one time. Taking down all of them is a pretty hard feat.

Also, forget about spamming the left click button. It won't work. There seems to be a one second delay after you can fire your next bullet. Also, try advancing your scope by a notch or two before firing. Again, a lot of the rabbits are running like crazy...like there's no tomorrow. Pointing your scope where they at and firing right away will most likely resultin a miss.

Believe me when I say this 1 level game is challenging. My first try at it? It came to an abysmal score of 10 hits and 18 misses. And that's coming from an avid hunting and first person shooter game fan.