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When it comes to controls, there is nothing annoying about sea hunter. No need to worry about reloading your weapon, aiming it (since the anchor moves on its own), etc. All you have to do is keep in mind that the left click button launches the anchor and it will catch anything it encounters and bring it to the surface. That's it!

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"Drop the anchor from your little boat and find treasures from the depths of the sea! A simple but addictive game! Give it a try!"

That's what the game author says about Sea Hunter. Sounds like another hyped up game - that's what you are thinking for sure. BUT get this - I am one hell of a skeptic BUT this game lives up to the hype. It's definitely addicting. Now it's NOT action packed BUT the game play is definitely interesting and thrilling.

You see, you are not in control of where the anchor points to. It moves from left to right and back again. The sea monsters you need to catch are right below...they are NOT moving BUT your anchor does and you need to time your shots perfectly to catch your treasure. Along with that, there are also obstacles along the way. There are stones (each would earn you an abysmal $2) that will block your anchor...preventing you from catching the precious sea monsters in one shot.

And to make things even more challenging, you need to earn a set amount of cash from the precious monsters for every level. During the first round, your catch should amount to 1000 dollars. The round following that, you need to earn double - $2000 and the challenge just keeps getting harder round after round.

Oh! Before I forgot, every level has a time limit. So you can't just sit there and take your sweet time. You have to be precise with your anchor and you better be fast if you want to get far in the score board.