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Shotgun Fun Instructions

Just like most shooting and hunting games out there, you will use your mouse most of the time in Shotgun Fun: (1) aim for your target and once you are all set, (2) hit the left click button to fire. Now, when you are about to run out of ammunition, you just need to press the R button to fill up your shotgun with bullets. HOWEVER, I really don't see the need for that as the gun reloads automatically once you run out of ammo. My advice? Just keep firing and taking down targets and don't worry too much about reloading. That's about it for the controls. Now, let's take a closer look at the hunting game Shotgun Fun.

Shotgun Fun Walkthrough

Shotgun Fun - well, as you can tell, this game is all about shotguns and having fun with it! And it's hard not to have fun with it. Well, if you are someone who wants to keep a long and safe distance from your target, if you are a sissy who doesn't want to risk getting scathed, perhaps you won't like a shotgun that much. An Arctic sniper rifle maybe would be better? HOWEVER, if you are someone who likes a firearm that allows you to get 'up close and personal' with your target, and blast them meters away from where they stand, then you are going to love this thing! And let's not forget, this Arnold Schwarzenegger's weapon of choice in his Terminator 2 Poster. It's powerful BUT it's anything but complicated.

And just like a shotgun, this hunting game Shotgun Fun is just as straightforward: grab your weapon and start blasting! You need to shoot different targets that appear on the screen. Now, before you play and shoot willy-nilly... without any regard for the number of bullets you used, accuracy, etc. get this: accuracy counts for A LOT in this game. You have to be precise with your weapon, hit the minimum amount of targets without spending too many shotgun barrels so you can move on to the next level. You earn points for accuracy so if ranking high in that scoreboard matters to you, aim well before pulling that trigger... or rather hitting that left click button. Oh! And one more thing, there's a pump action shotgun available later in the game.

As for the targets, especially those on the ground, you have to be extra vigilant... you need to be a little more alert. Some of them could be hiding. More often than not, you would find them taking refuge behind the trees. BUT don't worry. That shouldn't be much of a problem. Remember what I told you about the shotgun? It's so powerful it can blast your target meters away from where he stands. So your target is hiding behind a tree? No problem! Shoot through the tree and take him out. While the double-barrel shotgun is good enough for this, I'm sure you will love the pump action shotgun MORE. Again, keep your eye on the targets and be accurate with your shots. If you don't hit enough targets, or if you miss more often than you are allowed to, it's game over and you need to start all over again.

As I have said earlier, this hunting game also offers a host of awards in terms of accuracy, hit streak, as well as number of kills in every level. There are bronze, silver, and of course, the HIGHEST award of all - the golden ones. By the way, with the power of your shotgun, if you are lucky, you can take out more than one target with one shot (ex.: your targets overlap)... if you hit the RIGHT spot. That gives you a good score boost so if you can pull one off, it's in your best interest to take a couple of more seconds to make sure that brilliant shot hits. That said, since you can hit more than one target with a shot, it is possible to get more than 100 percent accuracy. The Gold and Sniper badges require that you have 140 percent and 120 percent accuracy respectively. Along with that, hit streaks affect your score. The more you kill without let-up... without missing, the HIGHER your score will be so that's another thing to keep in mind.

Oh! By the way, for the stat freaks out there that can't stop showing off their scores and accuracy rate, don't worry. Your progress and stats are saved... allowing you to check and YES, showoff your stats even after closing the webpage or browser. So what are you guys waiting for? Time to show off those hunting games' skills with a shotgun. Play Shotgun Fun NOW!