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Skull Hunter Instructions

The control scheme of Skull Hunter is very easy to follow... there's nothing fancy or out of this world about it. It's played entirely with the mouse: a couple of clicks to interact with the game's interface; click, hold, drag, and release the left click button to fire your arrow away; click to upgrade your weapons, tools, and everything else in between. Long story short, you will be clicking all throughout the game. Let's take a closer look at it.

Skull Hunter Walkthrough

With physics-based games like Angry Birds getting really popular - invading PC gaming, iPhone, iPad, and almost any platform that allows gaming, it's really no surprise that we see MORE and MORE hunting games today that are patterned from it. Skull Hunter is one such game. HOWEVER, instead of shooting down pigs with birds (with different colors and sizes if I may add), you have to take out skulls (hence the name) using arrows or rocks.

The game play is VERY straightforward. To start off, click on your bow or catapult (if you have bought one already). Hold down the left click button and drag it to the right. From there, you can tweak the power and angle of your shot. Dragging farther to the right will increase the power, and moving it up and down will change the trajectory. Once you have made the appropriate tweaks, just release the left click button, and watch your arrow hit its bony target. Let me remind you, however, that your ammunition is VERY limited. That said, you want to take your time and make sure, as much as possible, that you get it RIGHT on the first run.

One of this hunting game's strengths is the multiple levels of upgrades. If you are not busy taking down skulls, you will find yourself in the Upgrade section of the game (which you automatically go to in between levels). From here, you can tweak your weapon... and make it as efficient as possible in killing those skeletons. You can make your arrow powerful enough to pierce through 2 or 3 wooden obstacles. You can make your bow shoot 2 or 3 arrows at once... or shoot an arrow or two from the ballista.

While having a bow and a powerful set of arrows is nice, if you have the EXP for it (experience point is the currency in this game), upgrading to a MORE powerful weapon is almost mandatory if you want to beat the later levels. You buy the rocket-throwing catapult... and beef it up with different tweaks that would make your rocks ricochet twice or thrice; shoot 2 rocks at the same time; add one or two more rocks in your ammunition, and those are just to name a few.

HOWEVER, if you want to cause maximum destruction, you shouldn't settle for anything less than the HELL cannon, which is the MOST powerful weapon in the game. You can buy BIGGER and better explosives; cannonballs that split into 4 or 8 splinters and deal damage to MORE targets; one or two more cannonballs to add in your arsenal, and the list goes on.

Personally though, what I try to improve on first is the accuracy of my shots. After all, no matter how powerful your weapon is, if you can't hit your targets in this hunting game, it's useless! This can be done by buying a tactics upgrade. With this Tactics upgrade (and I don't even know why it's called that), you can see the angle of your previous shot. If you missed your target by a hairline, this will allow you to make the appropriate adjustments to make sure that the next shot hits cleanly.

Filled 20 achievements to play for, this is one of those physics-based hunting games that you will surely come back to. Will it beat Angry Birds in the popularity department? That remains to be seen.