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Sniper Hunter 4 Instructions

As far as controls go, there is nothing complicated or fancy about Sniper Hunter 4. Use your mouse for moving your sniper rifle's scope. And when you have found your target and you are ready to hit, just hit the left button - once to zoom in and confirm you indeed have acquired visual of the target and twice to fire. It's that easy. The controls are simple really, BUT as for the game's anything BUT a piece of cake.

Sniper Hunter 4 Walkthrough

At first glance, I thought the game name - Sniper Hunter 4, really sucks until I realized that you are hunting for snipers. That's NOT something you usually get from a game. I mean snipers are the hunters...BUT in this game, they are the hunted.

They are black and bad and it's your job to take them down with your own sniper rifle. HOWEVER, things won't be easy let me remind you. The setting usually is at night time which makes it even harder to find your targets. Along with that, you will be hunting and sniping from a really far place...and being completely aware and sensitive of even the slightest movements in the area a MUST!

Think like a real a real hunter...a real predator. You have a prey - where would they hide? How would you force them to show themselves? Ask yourself these questions and answer them and half of the job is already taken care of for you.