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Sniper Hunter 5 Instructions

The controls of Sniper Hunter 5 are straightforward. A lot of mouse action is involved. Use your mouse to move your sniper rifle's scope, hit the left click button once and it will zoom, hit it the second time and it will fire. The controls of Sniper Hunter 5 are easy...BUT the playing the game is NOT a piece of cake.

Sniper Hunter 5 Walkthrough

If you are looking for a first person shooter and hunting game that doesn't have to give you cramps (from spamming the left click button) to be fun, then Sniper Hunter 5 is yours for the taking. You see, this game is a hidden object type action and hunting game.

The objective? Find all of the snipers and shoot them down with your rifle. And mind you fellas, this is no easy feat. First and foremost, the bad guys are stick figures that are black all over - from head to toe, and the action most of the time happens in the night.

Your eyes have to be extra sharp and you need to be extra aware of even the slightest movements from the farthest areas. And you also need to think like a sniper if you want to win this game. Ask yourself: if I'm a bad sniper, and someone is hunting me, where would I hide? Answer that and it will help your game a lot.