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Supreme Deer Hunting Instructions

As with most hunting games found all over the internet, Supreme Deer Hunter doesn't have a complicated control scheme. For the most part, you only need to use your mouse and especially it's left click button. Aim for the deer, keep your hands steady, and shoot when you are all set. Those are the controls. When you need to reload, just hit the space bar button and you are all filled up. For changing your scope (if you have bought new ones), just hit the S button and you should be all set. Rinse and repeat until you finish the season with high enough kills of bucks, does, and monster bucks!

Supreme Deer Hunting Walkthrough

Supreme Deer Hunting - the classic game's name says it all. This is one of those hunting games that is all about shooting down those deer passerbys. If you are looking for deer hunting games that will challenge your online hunting skills... put it to the test, this game is an excellent candidate!

You have 60 days for every season. And there is a certain number of does, bucks, and extra large sized deers that you need to catch (or shoot down... I think this is the more correct term) for a season. For every kill, you earn points. You earn extra points for extra difficult feats, especially when it's a headshot or when you take out a deer while it's running.

The points you earn can be used to upgrade your gear - giving you better fire power and a better hunting season in general (more on this later). What I really like about the game is that it's pretty realistic with the shooting range. The weapon's accuracy is spot on too - miss by an inch and that deer is lost forever... unless you grab a gear or two that will improve your aim!

Along with that, there are trophies awarded for achieving certain goals. BUT the overall objective is to get the highest score for the season!

Upgrades: Alright, with different upgrades at your disposal, it can be hard to pick which one is the best for you. I think it helps to know thyself a lot. Do you suck at aiming? If you do, then investing in a better scope and longer rifle with better accuracy is the way to go. HOWEVER, if you think you are pretty decent at it already, I would highly suggest that you go for the BIGGER slugs. All it takes is a shot no matter where it hits, and that deer goes down.

The BIGGER slugs are perfect later on in the game - when 2 or 3 does and deers appear. You take down one and the other 2 tries to get away. Taking them down while running using regular bullets is almost impossible. BUT the BIGGER slugs allow you to take them out while running... not to mention you also get extra points for the stunt.

Also, it helps to be EXTRA patient. That's especially true if you already have the camo and the deer scent that will attract MORE of your targets. You want more bucks to walk out in the open and shoot them down as fast as you can (since they will try to run away). Firing right away... the moment you see a buck is counterproductive. It ends the hunting day right away. As much as possible, you want to walk out with more than one catch in a day.